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1. Posted by backpackit (Full Member 45 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey everyone. I've been to a few places now and have never had a problem, but I'm wondering ------
What's the WORST experience you've had at a hostel while travelling?

Mine - I was in the bath/shower at one of the three sinks brushing my teeth when some guy came in from behind me (I saw him in the mirror) with blood all over his neck like he had been in knife fight and his throat was slit. I got out of there quick. Then I noticed a spotted trail of blood down the hall and down two or more flights of steps. The next morning, the blood had been cleaned up but a shower curtain was missing. I'm still convinced that a body is somewhere in that hostel wrapped up in a curtain and stuffed in a wall.

Anyone have something worse?

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OMG! I've never stayed in a hostel (closest would be a Motel 6 which really isn't so bad) but I can't imagine anyone topping your story! That's insane!

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YIKESSS!!! Where did it happen??!

My worst hostel experience was when I stayed in a room that was dirty and the shower room was also dirty - actually they were disgusting. The wall that was close to the bed was dirty so I couldn't sleep. I thought, "If I sleep facing the wall, it's disgusting to see. But if I sleep the other way, then my head would be close to the wall..." aaarrrggh...!!

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My worst hostel experience would probably have been with the boy with a ring of guns tattooed on his back. It was 45 degree weather, and there were eight-people in a closet-sized room (4 bunks). That made for a bad enough time if it weren't for the man-of-the-hour (hostel smelled like urine for some reason...ick). Gun-boy over there tried to pick-up all the girls in the room and managed to sleep with two of them in broad day-light on the balcony to our room (one instance which I caught, yay me ). Anyways, one night he came in at 4 am with another guy that didn't stay at our hostel and literally jumped on all of our beds to see if we were awake (I woke up with his face 2 inches from mine and screamed). Then, since my bed was closest to the door, he told his freind to leave his bag in the room, and his friend threw his bag on my bed with me in it! I threw it off and they looked upset. I guess it didn't matter they dumped a 72-L pack on me! Anyways, Gun-boy was very odd and talked about guns all the time when he wasn't disturbing the peace by bringing friends in or being overly "friendly" with our roomies.

There was also a case of hygiene when one of my friends had a huge blood stain on her sheets. She was revolted and refused to sleep on it, the poor thing, and the hostel wouldn't change the sheets for her. Other than that I actually liked that particular hostel!

Ahhhhhhh, the memories ;)

Katie ;)

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wow what a rotton time, i've had the usual hostel experiences - dirty sheets, drunks getting sick, sleezy guys thinking they're male models, cockroaches for roommates.........but mostly I've had great times, they're brilliant for meeting other travellers and getting the insider story on where to go.etc.......