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11. Posted by Darren7 (Budding Member 63 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

ah crap! :(

What would you guys recommend? i've been looking at the ticket options there and theres the possibility to fly to melbourne instead. we were wanting the main points all the way down the east coast, especially Whitsunday's etc. But from what you's are advising, its gona be pee'ing down all the time!

are we screwed?

how about if we started at melbourne and worked our way up, so that we can miss most of the crap weather?

we've got 6-8 weeks to cover the coast, and don't mind starting at either end. Again, thanks guys.

12. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5672 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Actually, I still would choose to fly to cairns first an make your way down. The main reason would be that january, beginning of february is high season in Victoria and NSW (sydney etc). It can be very hot, well into the 40's on some days, hostels might be booked solid in popular places, and when arriving in the north end of feb, beginning of march it still will be very wet (march even wetter according to aharrolds's post).
doing it from cairns southwards, you will have some wet days of course, but not all the time and mainly very heavy downpours at the end of the day and night. Try to do as many things in the morning and early afternoon.
By the end of feb things have become a little cooler and less crowded in the south. So personally, I would try cairns to melbourne still.

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