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What a bunch of tight arses.
I really don't see how you can do it on 350 considering you will need to take 12 trains and 2 flights plus numerous taxis.
Save some extra money and do it properly.

I really did it on 12 euro a day (350 pounds per six weeks). And actually its enough. Sleeper trains are fine. Basic but clean hotels are only 4 euro. Food is in restaurants only 4 to 6 euro a day (including waterbottles). I actually went with more, but at the end a had a lot of money left. Its actually quite hard to get rid of your money in India. That means if you are on budget travelling. So that means taking sleepertrains instead of 3AC and not eating every day at Pizza hut or Mc Donalds.

Ikey, according to your profile you never have been to India so I think you shouldn't say something which you have no experience with. That is actually kind of stupid and of no use to this thread. If you have been to India please read this post from the beginning (you really could safe and not every traveller has a richman budget). "Bunch of tight arses", be intelligent in posting please;)

Sorry if I offended...
And i'll try and get around to updating my profile one of these days.;)

I'm not trying to say you need thousands and thousands of pounds but I think if he took about 600 or 700 the journey would be SOOOO much more entertaining (and lets face it, an extra 300 pounds is not much for someone living in the UK, when I worked in there I had a crappy job and earned 400 pounds a week.) And that way he could buy a carpet or something else to rember the trip by.

Last time I was there I spent well over 500 pounds in a month and I really felt like I was watching my money - no expensive hotels, not too many souveniers, always eat at local restaurants, etc.

I just don't think it is possible to to do it on 350 pounds with so much travel (at least 12 trains and 2 flights!), I flew from Goa to Mumbai and from memory that trip alone cost over 50 pounds return.

And don't forget the guys going to Goa and all there is to do in Goa is drink beer, eat food and party. Minimum 25 pounds a day there if you want to have fun.

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