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Beware of strangers around Pudu Raya bus station in Kuala Lumpur

A friend was drugged and robbed last week in Kuala Lumpur. He had just arrived in Malaysia from the airport and checked into Anuja Backpackers opposite the bus station. He went out to get some water and a young guy in the street asked him for help in finding a room. He said he was Turkish-French and was about 18 years old.

My friend took the guy back to the Backpackers and told him to go to reception. The guy asked to look at my friends room and offered him a drink. My friend refused but he did accept a biscuit......... and only woke up 48 hours later, feeling awful. He realised he'd been robbed but only his credit card was stolen. He hadn't even unpacked his rucksack but found it was partly open.

The Police didn't seem at all surprised by this theft. Maybe the card was stolen "to order;

Just 10 days before this event, an Austrian was also at the same place.
2 guys approached him, asked where he bought his beautiful pair of trousers and, when hearing that he's Austrian, remaked that their sister will soon leave for Vienna (what a coincidence!) to work there as a nurse. Said he should come home with them and tell her sister all about Austria, and in the meantime they would wash his dirty clothes.
What an offer!

So be careful of strangers around Pudu Raya.

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You mean beware of strangers at almost any big-city hustle-and-bustle bus station.

Puduraya bus terminal and area can be pretty imposing to travelers. More and more touts seem to have shown up, which is unusual for a place like KL, at least in my time here, as well as people saying "taxi" when really all they have is their own car around the corner and they quote you 2-3x more. Locals have the same problem(s) at Puduraya.

We've been using Puduraya for years (we're visibily foreigners too) and no problems. A firm "no" generally gets rid of any touts or would-be annoyances. Malaysian touts won't normally hound a person.

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Just agreeing with Donmah. I am "visibly foreign" as well in Malaysia and have had the opportunity to use Puduraya on occasion. It definitely has it's seedy element, but saying "no" seems to work well with any sort of solicitations...

As for being drugged. Didn't anyone ever tell your friend not to take candy from strangers?

Sorry, that's not funny, but the point is like Donmah said, you need to keep your wits about you in any major city, even your home city.

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I guess its not safe anywhere unless one practices precaution. Yes, Pudu has the elements for opportunist to look for its prey as its always busy and crowded with people. It can happen anywhere with such elements.

I always practices caution during my visit there. Its good to be warned.