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Has anyone on this forum done a trip that almost completely involved overland travel and took in some of Asia-Middle East including places like Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan (then hydrofoil-Egypt), then overland through numerous African countries until South Africa? Does anyone have any website I could check out which gives some sorts of ideas about a trip of that nature? I have got a travel brochure which gives ideas on an enormous trip in Africa which is 33 weeks long and covers about 21 countries from top to bottom, but I am yet to find any similar sort of tour from Asia-Middle East to give any sorts of ideas. I know that some countries in Middle East like Iran can be difficult to get visas for and in cases like Saudi Arabia it is nigh on impossible to get a visa without being a muslim, so I may need to take a bit of a scenic route or possibly even a flight if I was to get to go UAE, Oman and Yemen.

Is an overland trip like this relatively easy with transport, or would I encounter a lot of difficulties getting between the countries if I am able to get a visa for them?

This may be a very stupid question, but what is the name of the white clothing that muslim men wear in the Middle East? In some middle east places that I'd go through it would probably be illegal to wear anything but that in public wouldn't it? I know it is in Saudi Arabia if you are one of the 1 in 1,000,000 that might get issued a visa.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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something else I thought I might add is that I hold two countries passports an Australian passport and a UK passport, so I have heard getting an Israel stamp can cause problems in some countries so I should be able to get around that by using one passport for the first section and then using the other for the sections after Israel. Why are some countries so stupid with people going to Israel?

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Can not help you with all your questions, haven't done a major trip like that.
I guess the clothes you mean is a Djellaba, but I might not be sure about that.
Well, almost all islamic countries just don't like to see that israeli stamp. So bringing two pasports is very wise. The other way around is possible, visiting Israel with evidence of visiting islamic countries. But when arriving in Israel, expect to be met with paranoid people to the max. I wonder what is better. Just leave that country out if you can.

I have been to Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, bit of Jordan and Egypt, so any specific questions I might be able to answer. Loved Lebanon and Syria the most!.

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hi ,
well it is hard to answer all your quests ,
but first of all.the jalabya you are talking about (the white thing ,is not a muslim tradition wear ,)at least here in egypt muslims and christians wear it ,,and i,m sure its not illigal to wear any thing else but it ,i,m a lawyer by the way and i know what i,m talking about
about saudi visa ,i think alot alot alot of western expats working there in oil and other industries ,and some how you can sort visa for it ,just contact your embbassy there by email or a phone call,
i did travelled ,egypt ,jordan syria ,turkey, and then all the way to holland by motorbike ,and it was great places to go in mid.east ,and in general ,its safe ,
i,m planning to cross africa on motorbike,
i can advice you to get lonely planet book guide ,and do it your self ,by this great guide ,you wil find all data ,infos ,crossing borders ,getting visa ,where to stay where to eat ,and every thing
and hope you will have good trip