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Coming to the end of a 6 month RTW trip which ends in Hong Kong... feeling lazy and hoping someone could advice me on were to stay and what are the main things to see. I have no Lonely Planet and do not want to buy another one, i will probably go to the tourist information when i get there and have surfed the internet some what but as i say i'm at the end and tired of searching and choosing so would be gratefull for pointers!! i think i will be there for about 4-5 days so not too long.. also need to do some technology shopping!!


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Was going to start a thread myself, with some questions you asked as well.
I am off for australia, and by coincidence we have one full day in Hongkong (arrive from amsterdam early in the morning and leave very late to melbourne).
Don't want a day hotel room for sleeping, just want to visit some relaxing sites over there. I am lucky enough to go back later this year with a friend, but my girlfriend won't.
So guys and girls: in addition to feely's questions: what to do and see in Hongkong in one day??

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There is another thread about Hongkong. I know there must be many, but unfortunately this thread has not been answered now. Has nobody been to hongkong, or is it just too much hassle to answer?

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You don't say what level accomodation you want. Four Star?
Economy? Hostel? Most good hotels are on Kowloon side.

I would recommend, for a 4-star accomodation, the New World
Renaissance in Kowloon. It's right on the promenade, a short
taxi ride or walk to Star Ferry, close to subways, not
far from Temple Street Night Market & Bird Street via subway,
both well worth a look-see. (Go to Temple Street about 8PM or
maybe a bit later, that's when it really gets going).
You can easily get to Hong Kong Island side via Star Ferry, (which
is MUST ride, at least once) or by subway from the station on
Nathan Road. Lots of attractions in Mong Kok area.

Enough attractions in Hong Kong to keep you busy as long as
you want to stay. For some good shopping, go to the Stanley

New World Renaissance also has an excellent restaurant with a
very good breakfast buffet selection, a bit pricey but good.

Hong Kong is one of the world's most interesting and exciting
cities. Enjoy it, get to know it's history and it's people.

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I just posted this to another HK inquiry, hope it helps:

There are three main night spot areas. You'll find plenty of live bands if you like dancing, plus jazz if you want it mellow...lots of stuff to do at night...

1. On Kowloon (mainland side) in Tsim Sha Tsui you have Knutson Street - basically a row of bars and restaurants, and nearby is Kimberly St with more of the same.
2. In Wan Chai (Hong Kong Island) on Jaffe Rd - that's also the redlight district if you are so inclined. Plenty of bars and eateries.
3. Lan Kwai Fong in Central on Hong Kong Island. This section is blocked off to motor traffic in the evenings - many many bars and restaurants here, but expensive. This is a nightly street party the likes of Mardi Gras. If you are looking for a wild drunken time, this is the place. Just off of Lan Kwai Fong is So Ho - see below.

As far as where to stay - there are cheap hostels in Wan Chai but I've heard they are seedy. Tsim Sha Tsui is the least expensive but at night you are sort of stuck there as the public transport across the harbor stops at about 11:30pm. In Central, it is more expensive but if you stay in the cheaper Wan Chai area it is easy to get back and forth to Central on the MTR or buses. I don't have specific names of hostels but here are some useful links:
Very detailed online map of HK: http://ypmap.com/en/viewer.asp?mapService=LocationMap
List of hotels & hostels: http://www.hadla.gov.hk/english/
Tourist things to do: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/usa/

Also, for more food and milder entertainment you can go to the So Ho (South of Hollywood Rd) area for food and bars. The night life is more unique in this area - a pretty good jazz bar there - hmmm forgot the name. Also for a truly eclectic experience find a place called Joyce Is Not Here - it is on Peel St just south of Hollywood Rd.

Use the online map above to study the areas, or get a HK Lonely Planet from the library. You won't need to buy one, just copy the important pages...

It's been a year since I've been there but I don't think it has changed much.

If you want to be with the "in" crowd, visit these expat sites to get the lowdown on where to go:
The airport is quite aways from the action or where you'll be staying. Easy to get to via the Airport Express which is an extension of the MTR system - you can get on/off either on the Kowloon side or HK Island. Public transport in HK makes it easy to get anywhere fast!

Have fun - it is a great city!

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i recommend Ashan Dragon hostel. it is in Sincere Buiding, Mokok, which is in a same bulding with famous electronic gadgets mall.

you could find the info on some hostel booking website.

hope you enjoy your stay in HK!