What 'shots' or pills you should Take ?

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1. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,

I've seen a few threads asking about maleria pills or various other shots that should be taken in various countries.......... is there a conclusive list that states officially what type of shots / pills you should take ??? Maybe from this list various T/P'ers could let us know how they were effected.......... if all that type of information was available , maybe in the travel help section it would be great..... what does everyone else think ???

Thanks, Nikki

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Really good point Nikki - but from my experience the 'list' is completely arbitrary - depending on how bothered your GP is to keep up to date with the latest Malaria medicines.
I was on the infamous Larium with no probs except a few dreams that were more weird and technicolour than usual - however one of the guys i travelled with then went absolutely loopy on it and was really ill (psychologically) for some time after!

I was really lucky to get good advice - i was in sub-saharan africa and the mozzies there are more vicious then most so my GP said that my only option was larium. I'd be happy to take it again but the press in the UK quite regularly publishes horror stories so I'm sure there must be alternatives being marketed?

My worry is that people will take pills that are completely useless for the area they are travelling in - I met loads of people who suffered from malaria and all of them were taking the relatively useless chloroquine - presumably because their doctors weren't up to date on what drugs work where.
A friend of mine has suffered liver damage after malaria went undiagnosed for 6 months after he got back from Uganda and - you guessed it - his medication was ineffective for that part of the world but his GP hadn't bothered to check. It's a lot nastier to get malaria once you're back home - at least over there they're used to it so you get diagnosed and treated without being handled like a plague victim!
I don't need malaria tablets for my next trip but I'd be really interested to see what everyone else has to say.

Lex. xx

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I decided to go my GP to find out what I needed in Egypt and it contradicted what the embassy told me !!! Its hard knowing who you should trust , I plan on having a great time and don't want to miss something because I catch something......... just checked out your profile .... wow you've seen a lot of places .!! i'm very jealous !! .... but hey I still have time........ Nikki