can i bring food?

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1. Posted by huishan (Full Member 96 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

if im flying in aussie, can i put in some biscuits and snacks in my daypack?

its for personal consumtion.

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You cannot take any food off the aeroplane-they are really strict! I took some biscuits on the fligt with me and i got told to leave them on board when i got out. I saw one girl take an apple off the plane with her and watched the sniffer dogs in the airport run straight uo to her! I was really surprised at how strict they are!

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Flying from Singapore-Australia you should be able to, but if you don't totally consume them before you land in Australia it is a requirement that you tick yes on the form asking about do you have any food in your possession. If you tick no and you get caught, you'll either get a nasty fine if you offend badly or get black listed on the computer so that on future visits you'll get a bigger fine than normal if you offend again. So it'd be best to consume before you land, or if you have to hold on to them go through the items to declare isle and just show the food. They'll most likely let the food through without any problems as long as it isn't any form of fruit. I did it on one trip back home and had no problems but it wasn't any fruit it was only chocolate and doritos chips. Now that America has got even more paranoid and Australia is following you will not be allowed to bring any drinks at all on the plane even orange juice or coke etc bought in the airport is banned on the plane.

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You can't take any fresh fruit and veg or plant stuff, but you will probably be able to take sealed biscuits and snacks. Just make sure you declare everything on the form. The customs people will ask to see them, but don't be scared of them, they are just being very very careful.

I was worried I'd get told off for having mud on my boots from the Cameron Highlands, but the lovely man at Brisbane made a good show at being genuinely interested in my travels, then he actually took them and cleaned them for me and was very friendly and nice about it.

If you just want food to keep you going on the journey, you'd be best to just take what you'll eat on the plane to save hassle.

Have a good trip

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No definately not you cannot bring fruit - there are bins as you land which the recommend you dump anything you cannot bring through. I had a sealed bag of pretzels we forgot about and when they scanned our bags they saw them - just took them out and binned them no hassles.