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Ok i have a question , my mother is visiting me in the states sometime soon this year !

the problem is that she had worked for an airline 40 years back , so she did have a passport and has been to US before !
since her passport expired 40 years back she didnt bother to make a new one ! Also her old passport was in her Maiden Name !

Now that she has applied for a new passport the agent told her not to include her old passport since the airline had put a stamp on my mothers passport as REVOKED and had torn some pages , also one of her snaps was missing on her passport . the agent said to go in for a brand new passport .
What i want to know is when she goes in for a visa appt with the consulate what should she say ? that she has never been to US before ? do they have records which go back 40 years !

Any advice will be appreciated ! my mother is an Indian citizen !

2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I do not know how long passports are valid in India, but in the US, they are only valid for 10 years. Has your mother visited the US after her original passport expired?? (My guess is no.)

With a new passport, she will have new pictures taken so an old missing photo will be of no consequence. Though the US keeps all sorts of records for very long periods of time, again, I don't believe your mother will have a problem when she sees the Consular's office. She should say yes, if asked if she's visited the US previously, but can say it was over 40 years ago. No one is going to expect someone to retain a 40 year old expired passport as proof of their earlier visit. Since she has applied for a new passport, she can honestly say her old one expired, has not had a reason to visit the US again until now (because of you) and leave it at that. I may be wrong, but I think you are worried over nothing at this point.

Our old passports expired and eight years passed before we applied again. We could not renew the old ones (you have 1 year to do that in the US) so both my husband and I had to apply for new ones. Though not the same situation as your mother's, we had visited Jamaica many times using the old passports. When asked if we'd visited Jamaica before, we answered yes. They asked the last visit, we replied and explained the new passports and had no problem.

Right now, there is no need to tell the Consular's office any more information than they ask for. Going into explanations when not required will just confuse matters. Short and sweet answers are all they want to hear. ;)

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thank you so much Isadora for all yr help ! No my mother didnt travel to US before her old passport expired as you had mentioned she had no reason too !

I am going to give my mother the advice that you have mentioned , Thank you so much ... you have relieved my tension ! :)

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dont you think they will ask her why her old passport hasnt been attached to the new one ! can she then say that one it was a 40 year old passport ,secondly it was under her maiden name and it was badly damaged as it is ! all this only if they want details ?

but another question actually you can attach yr old passport in india if it has expired 10 years ago ! its just that there is a separate form for it !

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Seriously, I find it hard to believe that anyone (US or India) would expect a citizen to retain an expired passport for 40 years. Has your mother moved her residence during that time? If so, who's to say the expired passport wasn't lost? (I'm using that as an example of things that can happen over 40 years.) Again, 10 years is one thing, 40 years is another. The US is not going to expect your mother to hold onto a passport that old just in case she decides to reapply. (Our Consulate and Immigration has bigger things on their plate currently.)

She can say it was a 40 year old passport, it was under her maiden name and she does not retain possession of it any longer. The Consular's office probably won't pursue anything more than asking if she has visited here before. Her answer of yes, over 40 years ago should be sufficient. Honestly, except for souvenier purposes, most people do not keep their first passport. Again, just have her answer the questions with short and concise answers without lots of detail. The officials would probably stop listening after "Yes, 40 years ago." anyway.

Wish your mother good luck. Everything should be fine.

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you are right Isadora ! My mom after her passport has never travelled , secondly since her passport was revoked she has married twice , never travelled with her first husband , and is now with her second husband and yes the residence is definately different ! so i will give my mom yr advice !

thanks for caring and helping me thru this confusing situation !