Tanzania-Egypt by boat? Please help.

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1. Posted by Poot (Budding Member 11 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

I will be travelling to Tanzania in May, and am wondering if anybody out there is aware of a way to travel to Egypt by boat (possibly nile).

I am guessing that there are flights available, but I thought there might be something better than flying. I am open to suggestions.



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hey matt
i dont think you can do it by the nile ,but ywhy dont you do it overland ,you can go up to kenya ,ethiopia ,then sudan and egypt ,
from sudan to egypt you have to go by ferryboat ,its great ,and its the only lad or nile way to go to and from egypt -sudan ,
i,m dreaming to do this trip and all the way down to south africa by a 4x4 or motorbike, and its a very known route for over landers and adventure ppl

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I ride too(1980 GS850)! unfortunately for the bike, i'm going along with my gf, so that wont be happening.

I guess I'll have to check out the map stores here and buy maps for each country?

Is there any link you can provide to more detailed map information online? This sounds totally up my alley....i really dont want to fly....it seems like cheating.



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hey pooot shame on you
with all my respect to your gf ,
your bike is jalouse now and it will treat you bad
to your g.f i ,m sure poot loves you alot ,you dont know what the bike is for us ,its the best friends ,best cmpanion and best lover ,she let us ride her ,when ever we want ,she treat us good all the time ,she the beemer will be soft when we want and will be hard and wild when we want ,
heheh and also she is realy siple and easy going ,and we dont need to spend alot on her or to buy her any gold or gifts
good luck both ,
poot ,tel your g.f i,m joking of course ,i just wanted to let her see how much you love her (sure as you left your bike for her hehehe)
try to get a awy to get your email as i would like to speak alot about the gs as i have some problems with rear suspensions and the rear tire size
p.s if you will come to egypt one day be my guest ,and we can ride through the desert its realy nice and a good experince

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hey omar,

I think i will be overlanding it.
there also happens to be one other setback i shoulda mentioned. shipping a 600lb motorcycle to africa/egypt is quite expensive. within N.A, it would cost me as much as 1000 (cdn) and at least 2000 for europe.

Are there ways to rent enduros or other bikes while im there? maybe you could show me some of the scenery on 2 wheels!


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tanzania to Egypt by boat would be more than a Guiness world record, not soo much the logistical possibility as the headache involved in navigating through 4 or five countries that dont exactly have streamlined customs processess. However, for an overland, i would advise something like Tanzania-->kenya-->Ethiopia-->sudan-->Egypt.
if you do pass by kenya--> youre welcome to pass by.

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Areba is right, and even from Ethiopia into Sudan will be a tricky adventure. Apart from the heat, the south of Sudan is still a shaky place to be in.
You can travel up north by boat from Khartoum, but you'll have to do bits of land travel all the same. The "sailing" is safe and perfectly feasible from Aswan (Egypt) up north to Alexandria.
Since political conditions are constantly changing in the various regions, you should only take updated information from locals.

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hi all
sudan is realy big country,(2505820 sq k.m )and with population of 30 million,i never been to sudan ,(wish i do soon ) but many of overlanders passed by recently,by motorbikes ,or cars ,and some by public transportations,
no bad story from any one of them ,and sudanese ppl are realy friendly and you can notice hospitality every where even in the poorest sudanese area's,
still try to avoid the south west and the north west (DARFUR)
and the rest of sudan is safe ,to cross from sudan to ethiopia the common road is khartoum wad medanigedaref then gondor crossing to ethiopia then you must visit the famous lovley lake of tana ,rock hewn churches of lalibela and trigray ,simien mountains national park thats the main things to see in north of ethiopia
oh 2 days ago four french ppl were kidnapped in ethiopia ,and all the news talked aobut it
how many person die by crime in big cities (ny ,paris ,london ......)
any way some like to spend his holiday in 5 stars fancy hotel ,resting and reading around the swimmingpool, or on the beach ,some like to see the big cities and spend holiday shoping ,and some like to get experience ,and many other cultures ,
hope every one spend the best time travelling ,