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551. Posted by sylvyy (Full Member 25 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

it's ok. we do it fortnightly which means we'll have it the next saturday but I'll post the venue next week. Hope to see you all!!

siew yit

p/s: interested? email me. chao!

552. Posted by Shamine (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi all, I'm new in this forums....... Ya, I've got my WHM visa in Singapore as I'm working here..........
But I have a main problem here - Accomodation..... anybody can help???
I will go to UK in this comin July with 2 of my frens..... and we are facing accomodation prob. as my fren is unable to provide for us....

553. Posted by Shamine (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Help in a way to advise some comments...... wehere can I rent a room etc..... I heard that Coventry's rooms is v cheap..... hope can settle down there..... Any frens in Coventry can help????

554. Posted by klangeluk (Full Member 146 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Shamine

I've got my WHM visa in Singapore

hi shamine are you malaysian and you get your UKWHMV because you work in singapore?

555. Posted by Shamine (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Yea, I am a Permanent Resident in Singapore.... and as long as u work and residing in Singapore (with holding Work Permit etc)...... u r eligible to apply the visa in singapore...... its take me 2 day onli to approve the visa..... normal approval lead time is about 4 days

556. Posted by klangeluk (Full Member 146 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Shamine

as long as u work and residing in Singapore (with holding Work Permit etc)...... u r eligible to apply the visa in singapore..


and so lucky!

557. Posted by to_ritu (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

hi everyone..i got alot of information about applying for Working holiday visa...i am from new delhi , an occupational is listed amongst the skill-shortage occupations in UK.i am planning to apply for the visa in first week of december 2005. I would be grateful if any1 could just clarify my doubts:

1. i am showing a joint account wiht my mother which shows 2.6 lakhs in it for the past 6 months (visa officials want 6 months itemised bank statement) it enough money?

2. My mother is going to be my sponsor...She is an odfficer in a nationalised bank and we have good assets...but my mother has taken a personal loan of 3 lakhs in her name...other than that she will be able to show liquid assets of about 3lakhs & solid asset of the house we own..

could anyi please guide me if the sponsor has a loan in his/ her it a deterrant to getting visa? does it eventually lead for interviewing..? waiting eagerly for a reply..thankyou

ritu sharma

558. Posted by cikusang (Respected Member 1361 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

To Gerry,

I've been told by abang Peter that this thread has the most number from Malaysians. Now, I SEE WHAT HAPPEND HERE! ShXt!

What had Kempes said is completely correct!!! So in a very 'direct' way, you - Gerry is one of the people to cause UK government to stop Malaysians' UK Working Holidaymakers program! I have a friend who is working in London now and she has a thought the same way as you did. Of course i would do whatever my best to stop her doing illegal thing!

Malaysian is moving towards Vision 2020 and one of the most important vision is HOPING OUR CITIZEN WOULD THINK INTELLECTUALLY. For those who are REPRESENTING our country to work in UK, please make sure you know your ROOT well and well-behaved!

"This world is EQUAL in a sense each of us has 24 hours per day!!!" Maybe you would say "Nah...nothing goes wrong by 'extending' my working period in UK: 1 pound = RM7.++; beautiful places and can travel to other European countries; why not? Other people is doing the same thing and what's wrong if I did a 'small' one?"

As Kempes said, this thought is completely EDIOT and a selfish act!
Well well the price is paid! There'll be no more UK working holidaymakers from Malaysian ANYMORE! Haha..maybe some of you would think:" wow...i am so lucky! Luckily I applied earlier than April 2005 or else I won't have this chance! Maybe I can try to get contact of XXX or maybe (with numerous solutions)..."

For those who can't apply, blame those selfish people who acted based on their stupidity ; do not blame UK or Malaysian government!


To those stupid or fools out there, USE YOUR BRAIN TO THINK AND NOT YOUR ASXX - we are educated people and not BARBARIANS.

Abang Peter, please do not delete this post as i want them to (if they do) read this!

GUYSSSSS, many foreigners (Peter, Sam, Wocca, Isadora, Cupcake and lots more - they read here and they (maybe) know what are you thinking, What a shame!

Stop being foolish!

559. Posted by Kempes (Budding Member 7 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Dear All,

I've been following this thread closely even though I'm already here in London and though it has been very quiet, I hope that we can still chip in some information and hope that its able to assist everyone. Readers can contribute any information and I hope that we can be more pro-active in assiting future applicants. For successful applicants, we could try to share information on job hunt or even the best travel deals in and out of the UK. Thanks to Slyvvy for organising the fornightly meeting in London. I feel that it is a very good idea and it would definately help to network malaysian working holidaymakers abroad. Keep it up and I will try to attend the next one. Perhaps Slyvvy could blast out an invitation in this forum a week in advance before the next meeting. I'm sure the turn up rate will be higher. I was in Paris when u guys had the last meeting and Kody got it a lil too late. So Sylvvy, could you help us all by sending us another reminder a week before the next meeting? Thanking you in advance.

Next, I need to further comment post number 536 by Cikusang. Firstly, thanks for agreeing with my post number 521. It was indeed a very blunt post and as mentioned, I have no intention to offend anyone. Although I do appreciate your shared concern with matters pertaining to Gerry Khong coming to work in the UK illegally with a 6 months tourist visa, I certainly did not mentioned this : As Kempes said, this thought is completely EDIOT and a selfish act!. Selfish yes, but i didn't mention Idiotic. To all the readers of this post, kindly take note of this. What's more, as quoted from post 536 by Cikusang :To those stupid or fools out there, USE YOUR BRAIN TO THINK AND NOT YOUR ASXX - we are educated people and not BARBARIANS. May i add that educated people do use their brains and we certainly do not use words like ASXX and BARBARIANS. Cool down mate. I know u must be mad because of the suspension but let's all try to relax a lil. You guys must not give up and because the suspension is indefinate and god knows when they are going to lift the suspension. While that is taking place, I suggest you all take more time to plan for your working holiday because it is not as easy as it sounds. Even if u managed to get a WH visa, it is only the beginning of the whole thing. It is definately not easy renting the right place in London and looking for your desired job. Even if one has managed to sort that out, it is gonna be one hell of a tough time opening a bank account and sorting out a national number as it is both tied to getting a job plus the need to proof that one has received letters addressed to their rented accomodation. U see guys, its not that easy. So while you guys have the additional time to wait for the UK govt to lift the suspension, I'd highly suggest that u do your homework right now. Find out how can u open a bank account and apply for a national insurance number.

I must admit that i have not reply to many who has emailed me with questions that has answers posted here by others. Briefly, once u have ur working holiday visa, going through immigration in Heathrow is going to be alright. I am not sure about others but i find it rather direct. Upon arriving, u need to head to a different counter marked " UK Permit Holders" . I was then asked to take an x-ray, to check if i've TB. Once done, i went to the same counter and there wasn't any questions asked. The lady stamped my passport and i was free to go. I wasn't ask to declare how much i've got etc etc. Hope that answers.

Again, please do not give up and utilise this time to do more research on renting a place, getting a job, opening a bank acocunt, applying for a national number and for god's sake, improve your english coz this is England!!! It will do u guys good if u can speak better, coz it will definately impress them, trust me coz i am already here.

More soon.....

560. Posted by elliot_aus (Full Member 61 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I have a problem!
I am in the United States, been out of Australia since mid april! I have applied for and received my working holiday maker visa - no probs! I know that it is a bitch at heathrow - BUT i dont have a current statement with me - i have the one i got in feb, but i have travelled, and i dunno if theyll believe that i still have enough money!?! I have my return ticket - and i have 2 credit cards!

will i have a problem? should i print stuff from my internet banking that says i still have enough money???

hope you can help

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