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571. Posted by dd (Budding Member 4 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I had been here in London, the most expensive living expenses city, with the mixture of old and new trend and building, and a blender of different races. I had been lucky ever since i stepped down, no problem on custom (didn't even stop me), I had my father's friend as shuffle, and eventually settle down in a decent place over south east London. The only problem is, I am still jobless, after 2 months of trying getting one, I started up with job in Advertising, Design field (which is what I am doing) then when I got turned down so many times, I started to look for sales promoter's job, then I got refused, and now I am looking around for waiting job, and yet I have no luck. Can anybody out there give me a little clue of what to do? I had been registering over recruitment agencies, websites, job centre plus, walk-in to stores, restaurants etc... but still, nothing! Isn't because it's summer? Or because I don't have an NI number yet, but they should know that I could start working without an NI number.
I had been quite demotivated as it has seems long since a arrive and I had been real careful on spending because it's a X7 conversion from Malaysia. Yet I am so afraid of speaking to to local people as the English accent is so different from home.
So if anyone can give me a hand, it will be most appreciated.

572. Posted by Jerrycrow (Full Member 165 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

dear dd, there are some cases that people with a working holiday maker visa do not work for the brits. instead they opt to work for chinese people, and usually these are restaurants, try and find one, there are a lot of chinese. try to get to know some people who work in restaurants as the employment in these sectors are usually through friends and grapevine. of course the pay is a bit low, but food and accomodation is usually given outside of london, accomodation in london is usually not given due to the high cost of rent.

573. Posted by Jerrycrow (Full Member 165 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

to open an account in any bank, one needs identification, thats your passport.
second, you need to have proof on residence, this is the headache everyone gets because we will find it hard to have a bill statement/land phone/ satelite TV bill/ in your name and address for 3 months, cause usually the new comer from another country is always staying with a friend.

574. Posted by Achiever (Full Member 18 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi ,

This is for DD ...

Hi DD,

I must have helped u a bit in getting a high paying job to start with but I think u won't be having a full driving license.As well as accent u said is trouble to understand others in that case neither I can offer u a driving job ( paying 7.5 an hour just to compound park cars ) or a call center job ( handling the reservations in a travlling co. ) .

See u r right now in a situation where even if an employer will try to help will take a risk for himself.

What i can suggest is .. I really wanted to help u ... call me we;ll see if i can do anything for u ...

For those asking for Bank A/c...It is hell to open it if u don't get an Employer but when u get one ... if wud be much easier to get a/c as well as NI.

For bank as one of my friends stated is that Residential proof is a problem.. what i can suggest is ...:

1. Go for Provisional License...
2. Go for a BT Line in ur home ... It just cost 10.50 a month the bill after 1st month.
3. Get a letter from ur Landlord who shud be a British Citizen or having an Indefinate Stamp with u to Citibank or ICICI Bank they open an a/c on your Landlords Recommendation letter Even Bank of Baroda is there...

Any help u guys can call me ... But the help will be given to those who are here in london & struggling ,not sitting across the world & just thinking.Hope I made myself clear.

Sorry for being practical as I know some idiots are here who don't wanna move there butts but just know how to ask & thinks others to do for them.

0790 348 1005
0208 141 5248

575. Posted by Jerrycrow (Full Member 165 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

woke this morning and what a heaven of news. looks like london was a target for terrorist attacks. a bus blew up, a couple of trains were having power failure and stuff. hope everyhing is allrite with all of the WHM holders in london. what frightful times we live in today.

576. Posted by Jerrycrow (Full Member 165 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

looks like the two months mark has just passed and im officially a british muggle....or just a plain dumbass.
days just passed by swiftly and this morning has been an eventful day just to mark my two months of working in the land of gloom. looks like terrorist has just hit londons transportation system. and just to inform you, im not the cause of it! and i am perfectly safe on this wonderous day off of mine. it seems like its about to rain, as usual.

i have just visited a place called Christ Church and it is an university. the most perculiar thing about it is that there is a dining hall in the church that i am sure all of you guys have seen. can you particularly guess why you have seen it, well, let me burst the suspense and tell you. its the same dining hall you guys see in Harry Porter movie! just think of me in there with all of them damn potraits of sirs and madams that have long gone from the face of this earth.

and i am about to go see a movie that i hope would be good. we just need a dose of destruction and death in the face of our lives just once in a while, eh? War of the worlds here i come.... there goes 6.50 pounds of mine, thats probably 43rm..... now the pounds is roughly 6.6rm to 1 pound. and to think the first time i set foot on this aircontionedweatheredland it was close to 6.9 to 1pound. oh!, how has the pound fallen sooooo. the US dollar is getting stronger and i guess it causes quite a worry to some of us.... see you and may god send martians to us all so that we will continue and thinking 'there must be a god out there'

577. Posted by Jerrycrow (Full Member 165 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

last thursday, on my day off i went to london on a site seeing trip. i took a oxford bus that cost 12 pounds for a to and fro trip. the service is 24 hours a day and is really convenient. the bus is a state of the art double decker bus and i sat at the second level front row seat. in other words, what i see is what the driver see too, albeit with a much more panoramic view, and also a bit of bird shit staining the view. the highway to london is like the ones in malaysia. of course the signs says 30m to london and one would wonder (if stupid enough) how could the sign know what my speed if therefore could predict the time i would arrive in london? of course it could be 30 meters to london, cause i could see the city, well, the m denotes the 'miles' not kilometers. the view was splendid, beautiful. the fields are wider and there wasnt much of mountians or hills that are quite aparent in malaysias northsouth highway. and we get to see sheep grazing the fields too.

the bus stops at any of the tube stations and the tube is really convenient in connecting you to any of the tourist spots. i purchased a travelcard or some might say, daretravel card for zone one and two and it only cost 4.70. and i get to use it for a day. the tube is a vast labyrinth of mazes and its quite a view, and also very hot. excitement can be found here in the tubes as one might never know when a bomb might explode. there are many bobbies or policemen with their florescent jackets around the tubes. some might be standing there and asking passerbys whether they were here or not last thursday because of the unexploded bombs incidents. i entered one carriage and there standing, were 4 bobbies. thank god i still have 3 months of visitor pass left, if not, i would be sweating profusely and they would have check me for suspicious sweating.

i went to leicester square (pronounced lester square, for god knows why?) and there was china town. nice place but not that nice to me seeing so many chinese walking about.

next stop was london bridge. and thats a very nice place to go to. the london bridge was nothing to scream about as i had to ask passerbys, where on earth it was, and they would point' you're standing on it , mate...cheers!'. then i would have a astounished face, it was much of a bridge. but the bridge next to it, the Tower bridge was a more nicer view than the bland london bridge. so i walked from one bridge to the other. walking along the river thames was quite nice. the HMS whatever-its-name was there to, just an old relict warship. then i passed city hall, which is globe shaped building that was not that big at all. but passing tower bridge, one could see the myriad of restaurants along side the river many patrons eating away, dining with wine and beer. plus, the architecture of the bulidings and apartment complexes just at the edge of the river was fantastic.
i found a 'mark and spencer just food' store and bought a lemonade and sandwiches and had my dinner there, staring at the panoramic was already almost 8.30, and it is still not dark yet. so i went back to the london bridge station and horror of horrors, one of the lines that i wanted to seat was closed for some unexplained reason, maybe they found another bomb, who knows! so i had to use the train station, thats a train above ground. the short trip on the train gave me a view ot the Big Ben clock tower and also the giant ferris wheel. it was indeed a splendid trip. will be looking forward for further trips when i have the time... so long and cheers

578. Posted by Jerrycrow (Full Member 165 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

if you guys ever go to BATH england for a night or two, please go to YMCA bath for a very clean stay. the dormitaries are clean and the beds are solid. it only cost 12 pounds for a ten bed sharing room. and the toilets are clean and big. quite a memorable stay. i spent a night at a backpackers place but it cost 16 pounds a night with barely passable rooms and the showers are a bit dirty, but it was unisex. bath is one of the most beautiful cities i have been in england. Cardiff's backpackers also cost 16 pounds but is much cleaner than the backpackers in Bath and Oxford. but i guess yougsters would like the feel of such places with youth invigorating the backpackers place. if ever in London, some places cost only 12 pounds a night.... which is cheap in london

579. Posted by aronutopia (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone out the..those who got the visa and those who havent make it.I m a Malaysian
A bad news of...hmv...suspended for so long
does anyone know when will it b operating again?i plan to go UK in june 2006...thanks so much...
take care for u guys out there In UK

580. Posted by Louis213 (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

HI all,
am a sinagporean applying for WHV.Planning to leave ard march 06, anyone interested to join me?

Was hoping to find out more abt the apllication process, i heard you need a 3 mth itemised banksatement. Thing is my bank does not have the required amount of cash at the moment because a huge chunk of it is in stocks.I only plan to sell the stocks closer to the date before i leave but hope to apply for the visa by oct/nov because i fear if i apply next year there might be more restrictions. Can i show proof of ownership of stocks instead?

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