Anyone been to Borneo?

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1. Posted by ikey (Full Member 172 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

My girlfriend is planning a hoiliday in Borneo to see the orangutans later this year and I've just realised that I know absolutely nothing about the place...
Has anyone been there that can give me and idea what kind of a place it is - beaches, nightlife, nature, shopping, expensive, cheap & time of year to go, etc?????
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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hi ikey
i have been a couple of time and enjoyed it each time and have still not seen the orangutans (next time)i have not found it to be a cheap place to visit compared to some parts of asia, much the same price wise as australia and had no problems safety wise even travelling by myself. local transport was cheap and safe and never had any problems with food. a couple of times a con was tried, starting with a conversation about where you are from and what a surprise, a member of our family is going to australia to work,would you meet with them and tell us about it, which turns into an attempt to get you into a gambling setup. was told about it and sat in a cafe and had a drink with them to see how it would unfold quite funny really. have been in march/april each time and the weather has been great.and the people on the whole are very friendly and helpful but you only get back what you give out

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I was in Borneo Oct 06 and its a great place to visit.

Its not as cheap as some other parts of Asia but still vastly cheaper than western prices.

As for the Orangutans you have 2 options, go to the Sepilok Orangutan. Here you will definitely see orangutans that are being prepared to go back to the wild. They are fed by the keepers so is just like a zoo without cages really. The better option is to do a jungle camp down Kinabatangan river area. This is relativley cheap and from what I can gather you have about a 50% chance of seeing a wild orangutan. I was luckly to get brief sighting of a large male and a female with young and was much more satisying than seeing lots of them close up at the rehabilitation centre. Even if you don't see orangutans the jungle camp won't dissapoint as you will see loads of other wildlife.

Also whilst in Borneo look at climbing Mt Kinabula and if your into diving Sipadan is a must. I would definitely recommend Borneo to anyone.

Hope this helps, Ed

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If you are adventurous, go to the indonesian part of Borneo. Is your girlfriend going there or to Sarawak and Sabah? I haven't read it anywhere, also not in the replies.