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Hi everyone

I'm a complete dunce when it comes to tax matters. Right now, I'm trying to figure out if I might be eligible for tax back when I leave NZ.

Ive been working since last Sept and will probably finish up around mid-July. I think I have to file a tax claim after 31st march and again before I leave.

Does anyone know anything about this? I'd be really grateful for any help.



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Since you haven't been working fulltime for an entire year, you're pretty much guaranteed to get some money back, as the withheld taxes assume income over the entire tax year.

As far as I remember (2.5 year old memories here), I had to submit an IR3 form (individual tax return), and, since I was leaving the country early and wanted my money right then (which for you would apply for the second year, when you're about to leave the country), also another form stating that I'd be gone from the country for more than ~320 days during the next year. I find the details have become very fuzzy in my head, but I also distinctly remember that the New Zealand tax office website was the clearest and most informative of any tax agency I've ever dealt with. It took me one afternoon of reading up back when to understand completely what I had to do.

If tax residency in New Zealand is similar to that in Australia (I don't know), since you've been staying in Auckland for so long, you might classify as a resident for tax purposes, which might or might not be good for how much money you get back (I expect it'd be good; you'd have to pay taxes over overseas income (of which there should be very little), but probably get a (larger?) taxfree income threshold). You'll want to read this page and the various information it links to to find out more about that.

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Fellow dunce here - I don't know if this helps in any way, but I saved all my receipts when I was in NZ only to be told at the airport that they'd scrapped their tax-back program years ago. I assume it's very different for people who've worked there, though...

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Cool, thanks guys. :) I rang them this morning and I got your average dreary tax office official (apologies to all tax officials out there!) who informed me that I probably wouldnt be due much back at all. If you work over 138 days here you become a resident for tax purposes apparently.

I thought I'd have LOADS of lovely tax money coming to me! Oh well :( Thanks Sander, I asked about the IR3 and they said yes I have to fill one out at the end of March and another before I leave.

So, how long after you applied for your tax back did you actualyl get it?