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I want to know how you handle a heavy camera while traveling. I usually bring my heavy manual SLR camera with me (poor shoulder...). Sometimes I think I want to just leave it home and bring my light automatic digital camera instead...

Another thing is, my SLR camera is not digital. It takes more time and costs me more to develop the photos. And if I want to make them digital I have to scan them, and I don't have my own scanner.

I was thinking I wanted to invest by buying a digital SLR camera, but apparently for now it is still too expensive for me, besides it is heavy as well...

Any comment and suggestion? ;)

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Try Nikon D70. Its light and value for money. I am sure you will love it.

Otherwise, you have no choice but to cart your SLR as a normal digital camera will not be able to replaced the SLR capabilities.


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Theres no way out!!

Haha... personally I am not a fan of the digital camera, even a digital SLR (which is heavier than a normal SLR).

If you want a lighter SLR, I will suggest you abandon Nikon and used Cannon SLR instead.

Also, you can invest in a better strap. Mine has a rubber padding around my neck. Its not a branded strap (etc Nikon strap) but its really more comfortable (doesn't look too nice though).

Also, you can used a camera bag that you carried on your back instead of at the side. Only take out the camera when you need to take the photos. When travelling from places to places, the camera will weigh nothing more than a lunch box.

For me, this are the things I do to lighten up:

1) Abandon the flash when I travel. I find flash too artificial and only used mine for wedding/birthday photos.

2) Try not to have 1 high zoom range lense (like 50+ to 200). Split the range into 2 lense and do not carry the zoom lense when you don't need to zoom. Zoom lense are really heavy!!

3) Hire an assistant!! - For me thats my gf


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As far as the zoom lens the 38 to 200 mm lens (?? i´m not positive on those numbers) is about the same size as the the 38 to 80 mm but gives you way more zoom and is WAY lighter and easier than carrying two lenses and switching them all the time.

You could also look for around the waist camera cases and that way the weight is not on your shoulders.

I´m not sure I understood exactly but if you already have small digital camera you could bring that as well and then depending on what you are doing that day a lot of walking etc. you could just bring the small camera with you.

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Talk about heavy camera! I once lugged a Mamiya RBPro67, 3 lenses, and a metal case all the way to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan. That was close to 60 lbs of camera equipment! Young and healthy and dumb or dedicated which ever fits the description. No, never, no more!
These days I carry my Canon 300D Digital Rebel SLR, and a bunch of memory cards. I bought the Canon 300D with a 18mm-55mm for about $1000. These days you can have it for $699. I also bought a 70-300mm lens, and wait for a 100mm macro on it way from the mail order store. I do lots of plane travel, and I found out all of these fit into my tote bag quite well, with plenty of room for some toilettry, couple books and socks, ect. I still have my film SLR Minolta Maxxum collecting dust at home. Quality wise, my Canon 300D produce 6.3 megapixel images which when blow up to 16x24 pictures you almost can't tell it is digital. Not only it saves you money from buying film, but it is lighter than the film camera. The Canon 300D also have composite plastic body, which quite light (some people prefer metal body, though).
You can see some of the pics taken with the Canon 300D on my April 2004 trip to Vietnam from the site below.


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Wow guys, thanks for all the info! They will help me decide, for sure. It will probably be my next financial project after next year ;)
If you have any more info, pls let me know, I'll be very happy to hear it.


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I travel with a Nikon F90x and a Bronica. ( talk about weight)- I shoot film exclusively and even out the weight of the medium format by packing very lightly- which is much easier in warm climates than cooler ones.

Nikon and Canon both make lighter weight SLR's with plastic bodies, so that shouldn't be much or a worry to find one- Lenses tend be an issue though-!

Best wishes,