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My boyfriend and I are *hopefully* going on a trip to Belize this summer. To get there, we must fly to the US and then transfer to another plane.
The problem is that in 2003 my bf was charged with possession and trafficking. He has since had no offences, is off probation, and has had no other problems with the law.
Is he going to have problems getting into the US even though we are not staying there and the charge was 4 years ago Any advice is appreciated!

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Was your boyfriend incarcerated after his conviction or was it probation only?

The best thing to do is contact both the Canadian and US Embassies and speak with the Consular's office. It is better to be honest up front than just "hope" no one checks for convictions. A clean record for the past 3-4 years should help stave off any problems. But, check with the Consular anyway. They will be able to provide both of you with better advice and information than a travel website as it is a legal matter.

Chances are there will not be a problem since the US is just a stopover/plane change between Canada and Belize and you won't be exiting the airport. (I'm just speculating on your itinerary.) But again, check with the appropriate authorities. ;)

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I can't say that he will have problems in the US, for I have no clue, but, if you have never been to Belize before, I can honestly admit that I had taken more photos of check points that the police has blocked for information on the reasons for passing through then the country itself.

If you choose to tour with a guide, you will not have a problem because he/she will have to show their papers, but I'm not so sure about hiking or treking. I questioned the many check points I passed with my guide.

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If you are not staying in the U.S (ie-in transit) and transferring to another will not matter.

There shouldn't be any documentation to worry about, if in doubt check with your travel agent.

But sounds like you are in transit...therefore no problem (for that conviction)

The only problem you may run into is they may be aware of him, (ie on their records). International agencies share certain information that is of interest. For example, if you were busted for 'trafficking' and had a 1kg bag pot by your "local police"...not much of a chance of being on an international crime database. If however you were busted attempting to enter a country with that same quantity, then you can bet your conviction that you will be on the database.

It really depends on where you were caught, what the charge was, the amount, and the circumstances. Every jurisdiction has differing laws. Even Federal and State laws differ. So basically if it was just above the possession amount (ie -traffickable quantity) and you are not staying in the US (in transit) then you will have no problem. If however you were busted flying into LAX with 100grams heoin strapped to your waist....forget it!

Hope this helps;)