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I plan to go to turkey in summer. i have very little money. so, what is the least i can make it with? going budget for transportation, food, hotels, etc. how much per day? some say 10 euros per day. is this the least?

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When compared to European countries, Turkey is much cheaper. However, 10 euros per day is a too optimistic for one day including all costs. It might only be possible without accommodation.
If you do camping, take the night buses or stay with some turkish hosts(you can find from HC) you can make it i guess. I had two polish guests this summer. They told me that their budget per day/person was about 20-25 dollars.
Including hotels, i think you will have to spend at least 30 euros a day. And you will not be staying in nice hotels for sure. I recommend you to try HC. There are very hospitable people who can agree to host you for free, esp. in Turkey(I am also a member).
Apart from these here are some prices;
Bread: 0.3 euros
Water: 0.3 euros
Bus ticket from ─░stanbul to Antalya: About 20-25 euros
Bus ticket from ─░stanbul to Ankara: About 15 euros
Trains are a bit cheaper.
Local transportation within the cities is about 0.6-0.8 euros for one route everywhere.

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Including hotels, i think you will have to spend at least 30 euros a day.

Yup, that's what I would say too. 30 EUR per day.

If you intend to travel from Iran to Turkey and now find out that Turkey is too expensive for you, consider going to Syria. It is a bit cheaper there.

Egypt might be doable on 10 EUR a day, but only if you
1) limit your sightseeing to one attraction every two days 2) stay in the cheapest hostels 3) eat little more than fool sandwiches for 0.25 LE and 4) use water desinfectant tablets/drops instead of buying bottled water.

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i was in turkey last summer .. 10 euros / day is pushing it even for the eastern part of turkey which is much cheaper than your usual tourist trail - Istanbul - fethiye ...

in trabzon i was paying 10 Turkish Lira for hotel room ... 1 Turkish lira for a kebab so about 5 euros a night and 0.50 for the kebab.....

but Istanbul is more expensive 8-9 euros a night .... buses you're looking at 2 euros per hour ..

so i would say 25 euros a day is more like it ....


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it all depends, the only thing that I can say is find a good hostel or find a host to you in Istanbul. and you can check your hostels location to someone from Istanbul to see is it safe or central enough...

if you stay about 1 week you can use akbil, which is a electronic card that you can use on every transportation device. every! and you can charge it for 1 week unlimited. there is no zone system in Istanbu and it's really really cheap.

but if you have limited time, it's enough to see only main attractions on historical part.

if you can say exact amount of your money I can give more suggestions. I don't know what are you looking for; culture, history, seaside? have you ever visited anypart of Turkey?

please give more information ;)