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1. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5672 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

If you have a week to travel between Shanghai and Hongkong, what places can you visit/ would you visit?

I noticed Guilin is not literally in between but close enough. How are the connections from Shanghai westwards overland to Wuhan and further to Guilin/Yangshuo. And from there to Hongkong?

Thanks for any advice

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I'd recomend Hangzhou, about 3hours West of Shanghai, as a nice place for a coupel of days if the weather is good. Huanshan, is a possibility from there as well, which is a fairly local mountain (you can do it from Hangzhou with one overnight stay, either at the bottom of the mountain or half way up). You won't get lost as there are stairs most of the way, plus a huge cable car (two sides) to the top where there are hotels, a bank and restaurtants (and lost of Chinese). But in good weather, the climb is great with some fantastic views. And you may get attacked by monkeys...

Connections Shanghai - Wuhan are decent enough (about 18hours by train). Guilin from Shanghai easy enough (26hrs by train). Hangzhou to Guilin also easy enough, although bear in mind that (a) they will almost certainly book you on to the train which starts in Hanghzou heading to Nanning (or Kunming?) via Guilin, but it is a 37hour trek with lots of long stops in the middle of nowhere for no obvious reason (unlike trains from Shanghai which are 10hours quicker despite being 3hours further away) and (b) it starts from Huangzhou East (or West?) - not the main railway station, and if you aren't aware of that, you could get caught out.

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Thanks Rich!
Would you recommend a train to Wuhan, then a boat to Chongqing and then a train to Guilin?
Are there trains between Chongqing and Guilin?
Maybe want to see the three gorges dam and Guilin altogether but don't know if it's wise considering the long distances.
Is it easy enough to book a trainticket just the day before?

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It'd be possible to go out to Yichang to see the Three Gorges Dam if you're going to leave from and return to Shanghai within a week. You can probably take a train to Yichang after visiting Hangzhou. If you go to Yichang straight from Shanghai, only one train can take you there, the K253, which takes about 27 hours to get there.

The other option if you decide to stick around Shanghai during that week is to go on day-trips to the various water-towns such as Zhouzhuang, if you haven't done so already. Suzhou is also a possibility.

If you'd like an aid to help you figure out train schedules, this site has been really helpful.

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As far as i'm aware there aren't any direct Chongqing - Guilin trains. There IS however a Chonq - Nanning train, and from there it's only a couple of hours by bus to Yangshuo [which is between Guilin and Yangshuop, so if you were doing both, thats no problee], or 4.5 - 6.5 by train to Guilin from there.

Sadly, i never actually managed to go down the River at all or to the damn as I ran out of time, although reports were definitely mixed. Depending on time, i'd say that you would be better off joing the boat further upstream than Wuhan (Yichang is as good a place as any), either direct from Shangers as A-T-PRC suggets, or from Wuhan [Hankou station] which is only 4hours away.

Choice of boat is also very important by all accounts.

To be honest, i'd say that in a week, Shanghai - Three Gorges and boat to Chonqy - Guilin/Yangshuo - HK is overly optimistic without using a flight. It's doable, but rushed. I'd say to pick one or the other - maybe alongside a more useful second place - and take it a bit easier