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1. Posted by kimvdg (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello all!

I'm planning a short trip to the Cinque Terre in May, and we're flying into Italy late on the Thursday night. We're spending the night and then hoping to see the leaning tower in the morning on Friday. My question is - is there anything more to see in Pisa worth spending another night there before heading down to the coast?

Also, on that note, we're going to be staying in Vernazza as I've found some relatively inexpensive accommodation there. Any MUST-DO's or MUST-SEE's for that region?
I would like to get up to Portofino or Saint Margherita, but its a bit pricey to spend the night there so thinking of doing it as a day trip from Vernazza. Any tips on this would be appreciated.


2. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

For Pisa, I would reckon a half a day (a morning in your case) is more than enough. You can see the tower, the center of town, and have a lovely icecream or coffee.

I would see the tower. probably you will think: "Is that were all the fuss is about", and move on.

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I spent two hours there and I thought it was plenty of time. I basically did what Herr Bert said. Saw the tower, got some ice cream and took the next train to Florence.

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- The Leaning Tower of Pisa
- The Church of Santa Maria della Spina
- The Guelph Tower of the Citadel
- National Church of St Stephen
- Piazza dei Cavalieri (Square of the Knights)
- The Tower of Santa Maria
- The Ancient Ships of Pisa


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5. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Kimvdg

I only went to see the leaning tower, when I was in Pisa.
But u dont have to hurry out of there. It is a pretty place, to relax in.


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I agree with Cagey7 list of outstanding poitns of interesting points in Italy.
In my opinion one can spend the whole morning in Pisa. Or afternoon. It is not true at all there is nothing but the leaning tower to see. The tower lies in a large meadow. There are three artistic architectural jewels from middle ages. The tower the cathedral and the baptistery : Inside the cathedral there is a beautiful pulpit. In addition at the end of the field there is the old cemetery. It is true that we, the Italians, know too little about our art so a few of us go an visit the cemetery. Yet it’s worth the visit. .
In the middle ages, Pisa lied on the sea and it was an independent town- state that fought with the others (Genova, Amalfi and Venice) for naval supremacy. its Arno river mouth is further on nowadays.
As far as 5 terre I think you will enjoy your choice. Vernazza is a lovely and typical village. In my opinion you should visit the other four villages such as Manrola, Riomaggiore, Monterosso. There is a boat leaving from Vernazza that goes to another of the villages. It is very beautiful to look at the coast from the boats. From Manarola to Riomaggior there is an easy path along the rocks called “La via dell’amore” (the path of love). One place you might reach by train through La Spezia is scenic Portovenere.
I do agree with you about Portofino. It is charming but awfully expensive. Even an espresso coffee is high-priced. If you leave Vernazza early in the morning by train you can reach Santa Margherita (that is at 7,32 straight and no change at 8,26) and go downtown in Santa Margherita, which is a lovely, small town and you can take the bus to Portofino that reaches Portofino in 15 minutes.
I suggest you to bring or wear you swimming pool, because in this area of Italy
it is already spring.
You might want to go by boat from Portofino to Genova or by train from Santa Margherita. Genova is my hometown and here Christopher Colombo is said to be born. The town has the largest middle age center in Europe.
At any rate you can easily have one day long tour to Portofino
Here enclosed there are some links you might like.
I wish you a happy staying

about boat trips :
about going around:

about cinque terre

about Genoa

7. Posted by kimvdg (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks all.
Well we've now booked our flights - which turned out to be different to the ones I originally thought we'd book. (got to hate over night price increases)
We fly into Pisa at about 2pm on Thursday (after a 2 hour stop over in Rome - any suggestions if we can do anything in this time?)
We're planning on spending the night in Pisa, and heading down to the Cinque Terre on Friday.
We then fly out of Pisa on Tuesday late afternoon.
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a place to visit or possibly spend one night in (Monday) near Pisa but perhaps on a Wine farm, or some where very Tuscan and authentic to the region. Only reason is I from the advice so far, and from people in general.. I'd like to see perhaps a little more of the country while we're in the area. Not such a huge fan of cities...

Thanks again for all the advice!

8. Posted by J_P (Budding Member 9 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi kimvdg.

I'm glad you mentioned seeing Tuscany, because that's exactly what I would do...see the real Tuscan countryside. However, I found this useful webpage about Pisa the other day when I was planning my Summer vacation...

I've seen it before, but I wanted to show me children, so I think we'll follow that basic guide.

Coincidentally, I also scheduled a day in Pisa and then 2 days in the Tuscan countryside, we decided to go for somewhere relatively close to Pisa to avoid spending time travelling and losing valuable time when we could be relaxing by a pool or sampling the local vino and cheese! We went for this place;

We were swung by the place being surrounded by fields and meadows so no disturbance!! And it has a pool for the kids, there's some other places on that website too, give it a try!

Hope that helps, let us know how you sorted your schedule!

9. Posted by laura42 (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hallo Kim,
1. First of all it is very hard to have suggestion about you two hour staying at Roma Airport. The airport itself is more than 20 km from Rome. There are train connecting Fiumicino airport and the centre of Rome leaving every half an hour reaching Rome in 30 minutes. Buses are less reliable because the road to Rome often is jam packed with cars.
In case you took the train, you might just take a taxi and go in on particular spot you want badly to see. For example you might want to have sight at the Colosseo, and so on. Please take into consideration that the traffic in Rome is intense and a 10 minutes drive may turn in being caught al an hour in the traffic.
I do not mean to discourage you about the two hours break in Rome. I mean to help you in planning the very small amount of time you have. In case you decided to take a taxi, you ought to be clear about the maximum time you have at your disposal and give the name of the places you’d like to see, if possible. Once again I refer to the discoveritalia site so that you might have more ideas about what it is possible to see and what you want to see.

2. As far as the possibility of staying in a farm hotel out in the sweet Tuscany land it seems really a great ideas. I, too, love to spend a weekend in a particular lovely Farmhouse. Yet in my opinion, some of them are somehow out of reach if one does not drive. Anyway the owner might come to pick you up. The country around Volterra is breathtaking. There are many farmhouses.
I stayed in the following:

Yet, I’d suggest a place nearer to Pisa and perhaps it is easier to reach.

Here there are some links about this point. I found out for you a place named Fauglia

I wish you again a very exciting staying in my Country.