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I'm planning a round the world trip going to Russia, Mongolia, China, Australia, New Zealand and South America. I've been looking at getting a youth hostal card of ISIC card to get discount on accomodation etc. Does anyone know how widely these cards are used and if they are worth getting? I will have a normal student card for the first few months of my trip, will I be able to use this to get the same kinds of discount.


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If it is at all possible either get the student card from STA travel or if that isn't possible but you are under 26 get the international youth travel card. A student card is accepted everywhere pretty much in te world for a discount, the youth travel card is far less widely accepted. In Russia that card will pay for itself in a few days of seeing tourist attractions. In Russia it is only meant to be the student card that gets you a discount, but I had a youth travel card and showed it and all apart from one time I got the student rate (mostly 50% off the normal very expensive entry price). I'd just show it to them and they'd say "student" and I'd say yes and that was it even though I wasn't a student, but that's because hardly a single person seemed to be able to read any english or speak any either except the word student. Definitely learn some basic Russian before you go there and also try learning some Spanish for when you got to South America, because apart from at hostels it is very difficult to find local people who speak any english.

I'm not sure if you'll get the same discounts using a normal student card issued by your school, but I can remember in Russia this guy showed an old university student card (about 5 years old) at the Hermitage and got free entry which is what students get, but I don't know how he went everywhere else. Russia gives much more discounts then other places usually do, because I am not sure about discounts in Australia for that except maybe on buses although on the airport bus where I live it says you have to be a local student to get the student discount. I think it would defintely be worth your while going to your nearest STA travel and applying for a ISIC card instead as the dates on that card may well go past the dates you'd actually be a student so would be valid for longer in to your trip.

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Following on from this- i am going on a round the world trip in April but am 27 years old and not a student. I have heard of people getting fake ISIC cards etc. I know its a bit cheeky but does anyone know how to get a fake card, how good are they and are they worth it?

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You can get them in Thailand according to people I met who had them, but in some countries they know how to spot the real and the fake cards. In Egypt they catch anyone with a fake card out, so if you know what you are looking for and they really give a stuff then you'll get caught out.

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ebay is where youll find the fakes, im thinkin of investin in one before i head off, and sure if they say its fake you can just say you thought it was real, and if they insist just pay the full price, whats to lose for the sake of £20.

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How much is it for the real ISIC card then?

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In Australia it is only $18AUD
If you live in the UK like your profile suggests, well according to the STA travel website it says that the real card costs just £7.

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I'm taking a semester off to travel so I got my ISIC from my Uni. However, it's not difficult to obtain a REAL ISIC if you're not a student. For example, my friend (no longer a student) takes a course now and then at his local college... though he has degrees up the Yin Yang, he remains a curious bird. It doesn't matter if he's a part-time student, they give him a student ID which he uses to buy the ISIC. Since he travels abroad every year for a few weeks, it comes in handy for discounts and such.

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