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1. Posted by deniseaut (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

i'm planning a travel to amalfi, ravello, sorrento and so on
from marseille to naples, does anyone know a good way to move there? it's better as trasportation, train or car rental? taxi are expensive?
any advise? thanks to all

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i was there last summer, I start to tell you my experience: we took the flight to rome, at first own idea was to rent a car 'cause all the world told me that the trains in south italy are not so good, many chat friends told me that drive to amalfi coast is not so easy, the streets are little, you must pay attention and so.. you could lose all the beautiful waterscape..
so i try another direction: rent a car with a driver; there are so many companies that do this work.. so you must only choice... but sure, not all would be good.. i reserved a car by website of an excellent company, there the url
Own driver Paola, took us from the airport of Rome, and , after for all the holidays she brought us to all museums, churches, ancient monuments, beautiful coves and small beaches, osteria, and so on..
she spoke a perfect french, and of course english..
we diveded the charges with another couple of friends and it was not so much expensive..

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In my opinion if you travel in those great spots, you’d better
1. rent a car, only is you are very good in driving, because road along the coast bends a lot of times. In case you rent a car, I suggest you to rent a small one: it’s easer to park and to manage the curbs.
2. to go around by bus. In the enclosed links you might realize it isn’t difficult to go around by bus

3. Taxis aren’t cheap at all. In towns taxi have a devise calculating the price. It varies from town to town. In smaller place one is advised to bargain over the price before entering the taxi.

I wish you a delightful staying,

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The means are many, all depends upon how much time you want or can spend for the journey from Marseille (is that where you'll start ?) to the Amalfi coast and back.
The fastest way is by air: fly to Naples. The next faster way is by car. Check the Michelin on-line guide for fastest, shortest or cheapest route right down to Sorento. The next choice is by train: take a couchette until Rome and from there to Naples.
Another very unusual but extremely relaxing route is by boat. Find out about passages from either Marseille or Toulon to Naples.
From Naples onwards, follow the recommendations of previous messages, unless you travel by own car all the way.
Bon voyage !

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Marseille is now the cheap air travel hub for France, so look to fly to Naples, if possible, or Rome, then its the train to complete your journey.

Note that here in Rome there is the new super fast line to Naples from Termini Station. Other than that our advice is take the train all the way from France to Naples.

The Amalfi coast road is a brute of a drive, so trust the local buses.

If you need a base in Naples consider Weekendanapoli Bed and Breakfast.

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Brilliant choice for a vacation! I would rent a smaller car though, as opposed to a big one, simply because if you're not used to driving on European roads, they tend to drive a little crazier in Italy, and the roads are smaller and windier when you get off the motorway/freeway.

Go for a Ford Focus, or Ford Fiesta, or a Fiat Punto...they're big enough to fit your luggage in, and seat people comfortably.

(Plus they use less fuel than those big monster BMWs!)

Enjoy your vacation, let us know how it goes!