apply for whv or passport first????

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I was told it doesnt matter which one i apply for first, but when on the site for a 1 year working holiday visa for oz it asks questions about my passport.

I am just wanting to know whether or not im gonna get accepted for a visa, passport may take months to process and im getting eager, lol


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Well, I'm just guessing here, but it sounds pretty straight forward to me. When you get a working holiday visa, it will be linked to your passport. For the Australian Visa you don't actually get a physical visa in your passport (until arrival), however, when you arrive at immigration in Australia, they'll know you have a visa because it is linked with your passport number. Therefore, no passport number - no Visa. Also, your passport number changes everytime you renew it, so you can't get away with using your old number on your application. Sorry, you have to wait until your passport arrives.
Though, maybe if you phone the passport office, there might be a way to find out what your number is before you get it so that you can apply.
The Australian Visa is generally a quick process for Canadians. Its an online application and when I did it, my visa was accepted and comfirmed when I checked my email less than 8 hours after applying. So assuming that they haven't reached there quota for the year (which I imagine to be the only reason you would be declined) there is no need to apply months in advance. Be patient and wait for your passport to arrive. If you are in a hurry though, I'm pretty sure you can get an express service on your Canadian passport for an extra fee.
As I said, this is all just a guess, but it's based on my experience of the last 3 Working Holidays Visa that I've applied for. They've all required a passport.

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Hey Red

Depending on when you want to enter Australia, you'll either need to get your passport processed regular speed or faster. If you need it faster, right now alot of the offices in Canada are asking to see your plane tickets etc.

Basically right now, if you bring your app in to an office its going to take a little over a month to get back to you. Dont let that discourage you though, you can actually get your passport number a day or two after you apply. Check with the officer who processes your application. (a little inside info here) Your passport actually gets a number assigned to it when the officer is finished entering the application.

They usually wont want to give that info up though unless you explain that you need to apply for a Visa, then they are more accomidating.

As for reaching the limit on visas, I called the consulate in Canada and the lady said they have never once reached the limit for WHVs issued :) which was comforting IMO


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thanks fellas for the replies.

Ya im in Alberta Canada. Looking for a 1whv. dont plan on going to oz until septerish of 2007. just looking to find out as soon as possible if i will be accepted for the visa or not. Because right now i have decisions to make on selling truck, house, etc. had some offers already but cant say yes for sure until i know im going to oz.

appreciate your replies. will look into getting the passport number a few days after i apply.