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hello guys, Ive been seriously considering a climb, im not sure exactly how long to plan for, and for someone that is not accustomed to the altitude, (but at the same time someone that has lived in Kenya the whole of his life), id like some contributions from those that have attempted mount kenya (the techical climb to Nelion and Batiany), tips, tricks and how to best be prepared.

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Hi there,

I haven't got any experience of Mount Kenya. But I climbed Kili when I was 17, unfortunately I dind't reach the summit, I got altitude sickness 20 minutes into the final ascent. Out of a group of 13, 7 made it to the peak, and we were all the same age. There is no way of knowing if you will get altitude sickeness, I have read that young fit males are more subsceptible as they are more used to higher levels of oxygen. It's best to take a few days to acclimatise at the base to lessen the chances. Despite not making it to the top, the experience of climbing Kili will always live with me, it was absolutely brilliant, you go through so many different types of terrain and the views are breathtaking. It is reasonably hard but I found the walking more than O.K. at 17 it was only the altitude that stopped me , although my friends said some of the final ascent is quite gruelling but there are different routes you can take, of differing degrees of difficultness. I know it doesn't help you with Mount Kenya but just thought I'd tell you about my views on Kili, and plus if you do it you can say you reached the highest point on the african continent!!

Good luck with whichever you choose to climb!!

Another thought, some guys I met there had actually climbed mount Kenya as a prep for Kili, perhaps less chance of altitude sickness and reaching the peak if you do them both in that order?!


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Kye is right about altitude sickness - noone knows if they will be likely to get it until they climb. However, as a rule, the better shape you are in the less likely you are to have problems (because if you are in poor shape, and you lose your breath quickly, you won’t find enough up there!) Also, the more time you take to acclimatize, the better.

Both Kili and mt. Kenya can be climbed with no technical experience. While kili is a higher mountain, Kenya is actually a more difficult climb. Both involved some scrambling to the top! Both are BEAUTIFUL. And there are fewer ppl on Kenya, a bit more off the beaten path.

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yeah, mount kenya is beeeeautiful. I went there a few days ago for the 10 to 4 cycling challenge, and i must say it was breathtaking. im planning to climb when ive got some time, maybe when i take leave sometimes in may or june. im sure there is some place in this site i can upload some of the photos. :-)

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Mt kenya is the harder climb, especially near the summit. Its a lot steaper then Kili's.
Kilimanjaro is relatively easy to climb if you're not experienced. I did it when I was 15 years old. There are several routes you can take, and you can choose for 6, 7 or 8 days on the mountain. I did it in 7, cause i was only 15 years old, but I do suggest you take atleast 7 days.
Climbing any of the mountains is a wonderfull experience. Although I was completely broken after the 7 days, i still enjoyed it. The surroundings are beautyful.
Altitude sickness is almost a must. I had it at 5000m, vomited a lot, but kept on walking.
Climbing Kili was one of my best experiences I'd ever had in Africa.

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Mount kenya.

I am just coming back from 4 days trekking Mt. Kenya. It is very
confusing to choose a good trekking/ safari company in Nairobi. I want to recommend Mountsafaris adventure
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managed to get everybody of the 29 member group I went with
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to the top of Mt Kenya. The food was great, the atmosphere cheerful and friendly, and everybody was
always supported by the team of guides, cooks and porters, both with offers of help,carrying backpacks, or
just a smile at the right moment. We managed to get up to the 16355ft.
viewpoint at pt. Lenana at exactly dawn and experienced a fantastic sun rise over the stunning mountains.
These guys are reliable, professional and deserve being praised in your forum!

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climbing Mt. Kenya really is a very beautiful experience and if you are at least a bit experienced/tough you'll make it to Point Lenana without major problems.
We took Sirimon track and climbed the mountain on our own within 3 days, without any tour group, guides, cooks or porters (wouldn't like the idea of letting some poor Kenyan carry my stuff as long as I'm young & healthy enough ...). What I liked most on the mountain besides the quiteness and remoteness of the landscape were those indigenous plants like Giant Lobelias and Senecias which sometimes look quite bizarre.

Filika - Best regards,