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HI, has anyone ever moved to Madrid for more than a few months? I'm planning to from july onwards 8-11months and i'm wondering if people know the best areas to live. Im graduating in July and would love to live on the student life in madrid so are there areas of students like there are here in leeds? Also, how much will i be looking at paying a month for an average flat (looking to share) and should i really get this sorted now or during the first 2 weeks that i am in madrid when i shall be partaking in spanish lessons.

Thanks alot


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Hi Christian. I lived in Madrid for 3 years, so maybe I can help you.

The best areas to live are in the center of the city, of course, but they use to be the most expensive: Bilbao, Malasaña, Argüelles, Latina, Chueca, Lavapies, Alonso Martínez. These are central areas.

In the outside neighbourhoods and small towns near Madrid, you may be able to find cheaper places to live.

The student areas in Madrid are located near the University. That's Moncloa, Argüelles, Ciudad Universitaria.

And about prizes... I am afraid I cannot help you. I lived there eight years ago, when the euros weren't born yet.

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ok cheers

just some more things, any idea what i'd spend a week on food, travel (considering i lived in a barrio del centro) etc, similar to england?

I'm trying to budget everything now to see how long i could last for if i was unable to find a job. I hear however that english speaking waiters are in demand for the touristy areas, anyone know the validity of this statement? and if possible the typical wage of this kind of job, or simply the minimum wage for spain.

As my spanish will take a while to get proficient enough i can imagine it's going to be hard to find jobs and a very difficult first month, something i'm prepared for. I'll finish my exams by june and spend that month working hard on spanish and then a planning on a further 2 weeks at babylon idiomas in madrid. As much as i can afford really but should get the ball rolling enough.

thanks in advance

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A friend of my is living in Madrid, at I visit her once in a while, she recently moved to Lavapies, and I believe she's paying something between 250-300 euros a month, for an appartment, she shares it with 3 other people. For Madrid standard that is a good deal. If you want something good and want it fast be prepared to pay more.

Doing groceries is cheaper, but takes longer. Shure there are supermarkets but not the gaint ones, that I am used to. Mostly if we do groceries we go to the supermarket, the butcher and a place for vegetable.

As I understand it is possible to work in the more touristic areas as a waiter, but if you want something more, you need to speak proper Spanish (I would start now, to study a little bit of Spanish, watch some Spanish films, listen to some music etc).

There are travel and work programms for spain, that might make it a little bit easier for you, but a lot of times, they focus on the beachresorts, but you might find something in Madrid.

In Madrid you are most likely to use the Metro, most people get a ticket for 10 rides. You can use the card for 10 rides, and it doesn't matter if you travel just one station or 25, you can change lines, as long as you don't leave the metro. The 10 rides card, costs 6,15 or a little more if they raised the prices in January. (keep the ticket somewhere save, because they are very small)

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Thanks for the great help guys, i have been learning spanish in my free time for about a year and half, but on top of a degree it dosn't progress as much as you would like it to. I'm going to need to find a job pretty fast and i'm guessing the turist industry is my best bet, especially in summer. I've budgeted (with the help of a little browsing and an italian friend) 800euros/month, I'm reading that the min wage is 490euros/month and the tax rates are much higher than the uk. Although my italian mate thinks alot of 'cash in hand' takes place so i can avoid this

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ok to save further ado, after talking to some people and doing research while also calulating the maths, it appears that i would be foolish to go to madrid due to the high price of living. i would be able to live much cheaper in other smaller cities, and so im now looking at cities such as cadiz, vigo, a coruna etc. thanks for the help anyway


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aahh, but you would miss all the excitement of Madrid.

Sure smaller places can be cheaper, but in general, you would earn less, as well. Also remember, that if you go for a job as a waiter, you will be getting tips, so in that case, you need a place where a lot of tourists come. but also working conditions in Spain, or not like the UK.

Exept for renting an appartment, Madrid is not really that expensive, esp. if you compare it to other major European cities.

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Im living in Madrid now, n lovin' it ;)
it's definitely not too expensive, as compared to good old England (i lived in London a year that explains my angst lol)
anyhow, im paying around 270euros a month on a room, sharing with like 6 other pple in the apt. bt it's a big room, sunny, frenly flatmates.
n yeh, the central area wld be the best to live in like Sol, Alonso Martinez, Gran Via, Chueca...
I have a fren who lives in a studio apt in Gran Via, it's the best location ever, n nt too steep price to pay bt lotsa prostitutes ard the area.

Abt getting a job, it's really not too tough esp since u'r brit. Ive a dutch fren who got a job here during his 1st wk here, n he doesnt use a single spanish word at work, only english (which isnt tt helpful since we'r here to learn the language, still it's some consolation for u if u'r worried abt nt getting a job due to ur language proficiency).

Spanish school wise, i hafta say International House seems good. i studied in AIL madrid, it was small n all, bt i made great frens there, had the best teacher..

keep in touch n let me know when u arrive;)