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My friend and I are planning a trip to Spain in July (3 weeks). We would like to stay in a cheap village house somewhere on the seaside (no matter north or east), where we could paint (we're artists). Can anyone give us some advice how to organise this kind of thing, because most of the rent-houses sites are for fancy villas, which we're not interested in... I thought that it might be better just to get there and ask some local people for accomodation. Do you think this is a good idea?

Thanks for your help! :)

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Hello asensiko

I think it is a good idea, to just arrive, and ask, as u say.
But I think it getting something will involve some luck.


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In July? when everybody else in Europe is traveling? I don't know, if that is wise. A lot of accommodations will be rented.

Can't you book a cheap trip with a touroperator (maybe for 1 week, and try to find something during that week)

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Is it safe, to sleep, on the beach, in Spain?
Maybe, they could do that.


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I live close to the beach of Benicassim, in Castellon, between Valencia and Barcelona. If you are coming nearby let me know. The capital city is ugly but the province of Castellon is plenty of medieval towns, wild beaches and is the second most mountainous of Spain. It is cheaper than Valencia or Barcelona but can be expensive for just 3 weeks, specially in July (there is an international music festival in Benicassim that month). I like painting and I know some places very interesting here if you like painting or photography. Don't hesitate to ask me if you are coming nearby. Check this web about Castellon:

Good luck

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If you are looking for beautiful spots by the sea, the really beautiful ones at least in the north east where I live, they don't tend to be the ones most tourists frequent. It would be a good idea to book in advance though, because there will always be some people still, so the chances of getting accomodation if you don't book are quite low.

I live near Girona, if you check my photo gallery you'll see plenty of pics i have taken around my hometown area: medieval towns, sea, fields.... I don't know if thats what you want to paint, but we do have plenty of middle ages towns as well: Peratallada, St. Martí d'Empúries, Monells, Castelló d'Empúries, Pals, ... and all within a driving distance of aboput 30 minutes.

For landscapes I'd suggest you take a look in the very north of Spanish shores, near the french border. Places like El Port de la Selva, Llançà, Colera, Portbou... The sea is amazing up there, and u might want to check it out

Hope that helps a little bit

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Hi, guys! Thanx a lot for the advices and the ideas and the links. right now i dont have much time, but later i'll check them up. and will think things over again.. thanx again!!!!