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Hello all:

I'm planning a trip to SEA and would like some info regarding the process of teaching english there.

Can anyone tell if I need to have a job set up before I go or can I find one over there?

Do I need some kind of Teaching English qualification or am I good to go with english is my native language and just finding a school over there?

Do all countries in SEA have programs like this?

Is there any possibility to finance your travels in SEA with the income generated from a teaching english job?

Pls advise, thank you to all who respond!


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I will send you some information via PM.

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Hi there

Japan: you need to be a native speaker and have a degree. You can walk into jobs with companies like Nova, Geos etc. They have a high turnover of staff and work you pretty hard. You'll earn more and work less, with all kinds of benefits, if you get onto the JET programme. You're working not only as a teacher but as a 'cultural ambassador'. You can't guarantee where you'll be placed and you'll be working in state schools on JET. Plus you need to apply well in advance and pass interviews etc.

Across SEA you can walk into jobs with just your degree, but most reputable language schools, especially in cities, will require you to have either CELTA or Trinity TEFL qualification at least. Other TEFLs aren't too well regarded and online/weekend courses aren't worth the paper they're written on (within the professional EFL world, that is - I'm sure plenty of people have found work with them).

Taiwan has a great EFL job market and pays pretty well.
In most countries you won't earn a huge amount, but enough to get by and travel within the country. Japan however offers a pretty lucrative opportunity and can fund extensive travels across SEA (yay!).

Good luck

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Thought I'd post my similar question here rather than starting new thread on a similar topic.

I have a teaching degree (UK) and wouldn't mind earning some cash to fund my travels. I presume this is a sufficient qualification to teach but would I need to prearrange a work visa? Also how easy is it to "walk into jobs" in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos?

Cheers ;)

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well, u can't teach in singapore, for sure. the ministry is too strict about employing teachers. they must go through training at the national institute of education before they are allowed to teach. educational standards are probably highest in singapore than in other SEA coutnries.

in malaysia it is probably a lot less strict especially in small towns or village schools. but i'm not sure what kinda papers they need.

still, i don't think many countries are happy about letting foreign travellers teach for a short stint cos it would be too disruptive, unless they are THAT desperate for a relief teacher. the pay isn't good anyway.

u have a better chance in less developed countries.

i've heard of people doing this in cambodia, you might wanna check it out. my friends did it at phnom penh (for a very short stint though).

good luck.

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