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For my senior trip, I am planning to travel western europe with a good friend of mine and eventually end up in Barcelona to see some of my friends. We have decided to start our trip in Amsterdam and make our way down. In about 10 days, we would like to go from Amsterdam to Paris to Normandy to Madrid and then to Barca where we will stay for about another 10 days. How long is the train ride from Paris to Madrid? I hear its very long so is there any cities you would recommend to spend maybe a night or two in the South of France? I think it would be interesting to see the Bay of Biscay so my brother mentioned Birarritz but said that it is very expensive.

Anyone have any ideas? Take into account that were 18 and are looking to have a good time with the nice European Laws. Plus, if anyone has any resource for finding some cool music shows in the places we are going to visit? We are both really into music and it would be fun to go see some DJ's or other concerts in another country.

Thanks alot for your time

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As you only have ten days, you have to be very efficient, with your time, so I would advise you to use an airline to get from Paris to Madrid. (also because you wouldn't really have the time to see other cities, besides Amsterdam (2-3), Paris (4) and Madrid (3-4).). Check Vueling Airlines, Don't be tempted to use RyanAir for this route, as they fly from Beauvais Airport, miles away from Paris, making you loose more time then necessary.

You can also opt for flying Madrid - Barcelona with the same airline, as it is quite a cheap solution.

If you want to spend time in the Provence (you should tranfer some days from Barcelona, when you do, because you are already tight on the other cities), then you can fly Marseille - Madrid, with Ryanair. (if you at this point feel tempted to skip Madrid, then now, that there is no direct air connection to Barcelona, from either Nice or Marseille.

(P.S. By train (your original question) Paris - Madrid is 12.40 hrs, if you take the fastest connection, so basicly you lose a complete day), A nighttrain, could be a solution, leaving Paris around 19.30/20.00 getting to Madrid at 9.30/10.00, depending on the stations of departure and arrival).

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Yeah, getting from Marseille to Barcelona by plane can be a bit too expensive, and I wouldn't reccomend a train from there to Spain either. The train lines between Spain and France are not too good, or that's what I think about it.

If you want to see Biarritz and Basque country you got a good option of travelling by train to Madrid, which would be cheaper than taking a flight from Bilbao to Madrid, probably. There's not a big difference of price.

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Wait I was wrong here, there is a flight between Marseille in Barcelona. It's operated by "clickair", new IBERIA low cost airline. I made a random selection, flying on 11th of june and it would cost you €40 including taxes, not too bad