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ANY INFORMATION WOULD BE GLADLY APPRECIATED! Here is my situation. I am 20 years old, live in the states and make my living of the internet. I want to go to Croatia for a year+ to just hang out. Not to work or go to school or to be a tourist. I am clueless to the whole moving to another country thing. What steps do i need to take? Do I need a visa from the Croatian goverment? do i need to register or anything like that? or can i just show up and live as normal? What about for an aparment. Do i need to be a citizen? Im sure im forgeting many questions so if you can think of anything else i would need to know i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot! Matt

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You can check requested information on

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Hello Matt

I think since u work on the internet, u could consider yourself a tourist, while u are in Croatia. Hopefully that would minimise complications, with paperwork etc. No need to tell the Croaian authorities, that u will be working.
About a tourist visa, u can contact the Croatian consulate and ask, if u need one. I dont know how long a tourist is allowed to stay in Croatia or how they can renew their visas. Ask them that too. Maybe renewing the visa is just a simple matter of hopping accross any border, and then returning to Croatia. But maybe if u just live quietly in Croatia, nobody will care if u have renewed your visa or not. I am living in Germany, on a tourist permit, which has expired long ago (I need this permit, since I dont work here and have to show how I get my money). Now and again, they nag me about it, but I have not been thrown out.
Renting an appartment.
I think renting an appartment as a tourist, might be expensive. There are ones for short term rent, for tourists. I think, in Croatia there are probably newspapers with advertisements, for locals to find appartments. If u speak Croatian this would be the way to go. If not, maybe a Croatian person could help u.


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As a tourist you can stay in Croatia up to 3 months (like in most countries). I think the easiest way is every 3 months to go out of the country (to near Slovenia for example) for one day and came back for next 3 months.
You can rent some small apartment from 300 $/month.

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yeah I did the same - i was an American living in Budapest as a web designer - but ofcourse didnt tell anyone - and no one asked. Just leave Croatia for a week or so and go back.