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1. Posted by tommi84 (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

just a quickie guys:

dont use TAT in thailand, their the goverment tourist agency - they ripped me off big time and from what ive heard on my travels theyve been ripping loads of people off. i landed in bangkok, jet lagged and a tut tut driver took me to one of their offices, they were friendly and seemed good, so i trusted them, the guy was telling me not to go to cambodia or vietnam becasue they were dangerous, RUBBISH! he told me that koh chang was impossible to get to and very expensive , again... rubbish, i ended up just booking my accommodation after he tried selling me flights, tours, private taxis etc, when i left i realised that i had paid a whooping 75 british pounds for 6 nights, when it should of cost me about 20 pounds! so there you are guys, shop around, walk out if it sounds to expensive and just DONT TRUST THEM! you could say that i shouldnt have been so naive and stupid - but i amde a mistake and hopefully you wont do the same!

hope you take this advice, and travel to cambodia and 'nam, their amazing countries!!

all the best



2. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey Tommi,
Sorry to hear that that happened to you. I was just looking at some old emails that I sent you a couple months ago where I suggested that when you arrive in bangkok to ignore all touts who try to get you into their tuk-tuk, take a bus or a taxi to the area that you area that you want to go, and look for accomidation when you arrive. Now you understand why I recomended that.
Hopefully the next traveller who reads this will listen.

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Sounds like the office you went to wasnt the legit TAT. The TAT dont actually sell anything, and its a common scam for agencies to pretend they are the tourism authority to lull foreigners into a false sense of security - meanwhile ripping them off bigtime. So if anyone ever comes across people claiming to be from the TAT and they want to sell you a cheap flight, accommodation, transport etc you'll know its bogus and run the otherway!
Hope the rest of your trip was ok Tommi!!