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Hi everyone, long-time viewer, first-time poster here! I would very much appreciate it if anyone with info on the bus services mentioned in the title would pass on their info to me? I understand that we have to go to Rio Gallegos to catch a bus to Bariloche but have no clue as to bus times, prices or length of journey. I have tried to get info off the net (bus-america.com) but it doesn't seem to have an option for Patagonia. Many thanks in advance!


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I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but here's the name of some bus companies you might want to check: Tirsa, TUS, Don Otto, Mercedes, Via Bariloche, Andesmar, TAC.

I looked at Via Bariloche, but they don't seem to service down into Patagonia. I did use them between Bariloche and Pto. Montt, Chile. Nice bus service.

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I think it depends on the time of year. After about March, Ruta 40 between El Calafate and Bariloche closes for the winter months, and you have to catch a bus to Rio Gallegos and then up to Comodoro Rividavia, the across to Bariloche (which is really out of the way).

Before this time, it's possible to travel directly from El Cal to Bariloche and that's a much more direct route.

At the bus station in El Cal. they can book your fare the whole way through to Bariloche for you. You dont necessarily have tobut seperate tickets at each of the stop off points.

The buses from El Cal. to Rio Gallegos and on up to Bariloche are not as comfortable as the buses in the rest of the country. Bring something warm for the overnight, and some food! The only place where you can really get anything decent to eat is C. Rividavia where you stop for an hour or two. For the rest of the time, it's quick stops at service stations.
Also, bring music or a book or something. it's a long trip.

Hope that helps :)

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If you have to take the long route (Gallegos, Comodoro, Esquel), you're looking at 24 hours of continuous bussing. It's an interesting route, though.

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Im doing the same route, but the way round (bariloche to el calafate) in November, just wondering if the route 40 will be open then for the summer season?? anybody knows?? and if so, any help with bus companies to recommend?? There are SO MANY bus companies in argentina that is a bit crazy to do research!!


x x Miriam x x

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Hi Miromar,

Ruta 40 should be open during the summer months. It's only when the weather starts to get really cold and the tourists season ends that the route closes down. You should have no problems in November.

As for bus companies, I honestly can't remember the name of the one I took from El Calaf. to Bariloche. I wouldn't worry too much about booking ahead though. Just head on down to the bus station when you get there and you should be able to book a ticket easily enough.

Another suggestion would be to ask the hostel you are staying with if they can recommend a good bus company.

One of the better companies I used in Argentina was Via Bariloche, although I am not sure if they run to El Calafate. You can check that online as far as I know. :)

Hope that helps.

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Hi Guys...

check out my blog site for the Ruta 40 and bus companies....


It might give you an idea of the options.

roughly it´s Chalten travel for the Ruta 40.

Via Bariloche doesn´t do the route. Check out Don Otto for across to Bariloche (they were really good)

Íf you defo have to go down the Rio Gellegos to Puerto Madryn to Bariloche is best...

Check out the blog anyway and after all my rantings on there you can make your mind up

It might help anyway :)


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Hey! thanks guys for the info!

there has been a change of plans at the end, so not going down to calafate from bariloche, but to puerto madryn from bariloche, and the el calafate.... so im at the beginning again!

but i really appreciate the replies!

x x x

Ps. taking advise and going to bariloche with via bariloche, cause you were right, the seem really good!