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1. Posted by TomTom (Budding Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'll be travelling from Beijing to Singapore in May/June.

Since seeing one in London Zoo, and not being able to take myself away from the window till my friend hit me because I was so transfixed, I've been a tad obsessed with tigers (and I don't even like cats).

Anybody here know if, and if yes how, I'll get to see a tiger or two on my travels through china and the south east? (A zoo doesn't count though).

Maybe even play with one? Or is that going too far do you think?

Let me know and i could die a happy man.


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Hi Tom,

I've got he same disease, and it's great. But seeing a tiger in the wild is very difficult.
There are about 15-20 tigers left in the wild in China alone, so your chances over there are close to zero.
Also, in Thailand and Malaysia there are tigers living in the wild, but the numbers are so small, you will have to stay for weeks, go with a ranger into one park and even then your chances will be very very small.
There is a place in Thailand called something like tiger temple, but the tigers are not living in the wild. But you can play with one! There should be some thread somewhere here on TP as far as I can remember.

Your best chances of seeing tigers in the wild are in several parks in India, like Ranthambore or Bhandavgarh.


3. Posted by TomTom (Budding Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Nice one Utrecht, i looked up tiger temple, that's exactly the kind of thing i was looking for!

I'm a happy man now

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Hey there,
I've been to the tiger temple, it's in Kanchanburi. I just wanted to add that altough these tigers are not living in the wild, they are being well looked after and well treated by the monks. They started out adopting an orphaned tiger cub and have been going every since, starting their own breeding programme and such. They are working purely on the money people pay and donate to fed these tigers and are saving to build an enclosuer with which they intend to release tiger cubs and let them live as wild cats. As memory serves, I believe it's on the premises and therefore the tigers will be immune to poachers, which is how most of the tigers end up there in the first place. I forget how much it is to get in, but it's a small fee. For this price they will guide you round the waterfall area and take loads(think I have about 10) of pics of you next to/stroking the tigers. The 'Head' monk is there at all times to watch over his pride and it's so clear that he totally loves them and is dedicated to the tigers cause. It's well worth a visit.