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Hi, wondering if anyone can suggest road route(s) to take from Martinsville VA to Lexington KY? I'm not familiar with the area am not certain what would be the best direction to take. Know there may be some country roads and we will cross through mountains and I am trying to put a trip together using state maps and an atlas, but it is a bit unclear especially where the states converge. Thank you.:)

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The easiest way to plan the trip (if you want to get from Martinsville to Lexington quickly) is to enter the origin and destinations addresses in They'll give you detailed directions which will tell you which highway you should take, in which direction, and which exit will take you to the next route, and the miles you will travel on that stretch of road. And it gives you an overall tally of mileage and time, and provides you with a map as well. But out of personal experience, it's always better to have that map with you. That way you can trace out the route they've given and you'll know what's happening.

If you're looking for a scenic route, I don't know if that's your best bet but you never know where mapquest will take you through. You just might pass through some nice scenery... but mapquest is really cool so give it a try and see if it gives you what you want. Good luck!


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Ack, I wouldn't suggest mapquest... I've had a lot of trouble in the past with their directions. I use for driving directions myself... There are a lot of other options too, but you are likely to be disappointed with Mapquest's stuff.

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I agree about not using Mapquest for directions, they were a little off from my past experience (not so off that I completely got thrown off track, but just enough to put a kink in the travel time). Mapquest is only really good if you key in an exact address and need to get approx co-ordinates (like between what street and what street).

Katie ;)