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I have the project to build a “green hotel” (uses green materials, renewable energies and green processes, caring for sustainable development ) and I would like to have some insights from people who share with me the love for travel:

When choosing a hotel, is design a decision factor? What do you think about ECO-tourism? Don’t you think that luxury and sustainable development are two contradictory concepts?

Thank you in advance!

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Quoting audichon


I Don’t you think that luxury and sustainable development are two contradictory concepts?

I don't think that luxury and sustainable are contradictory, but luxury, sustainable and affordable certainly are.

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Good point James, though I think Luxury and Affordability are quite relative - if you're a millionaire used to sleeping on a pile of rocks then luxury and afforodability might be possible.

Audichon, I certainly do consider a hotel's 'green credentials' before staying there and have stayed in a number of places specifically because they have targeted sustainability. I think quite a lot of places manage a reasonable level of luxury with a strong element of sustainability now. The best example of a totally sustainable hotel/resort I have stayed at is Virgin Cove in Samoa, which was also fairly comfortable, though not luxury - difficult to put anywhere with communal composting toilets in the luxury category I think, even if they don't smell too bad.

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I don't think they contradict each other either. Using green power for a hotel should have no impact on its luxury. Using recycled/sustainable timber should have no effect either and using organic cotton for bedding or offering organic (perhaps grown at the hotel) food for breakfast is only going to feel more luxurious! Heating could be provided through a thermal heat exchange system and provide a very consistent temperature year round. And of course, a well-insulated, well-sited building will always be more comfortable than a poorly considered one. The efficiency that goes with a well designed building might actually mean ongoing savings for the building owner. And yet, people will still be willing to pay a premium to know their stay is not harming the environment.

The only example maybe would be the crude composing toilets, but there are other options which are more 'normal' and still sustainable.

Sounds like an exciting project actually! Definitely the kind of place I'd like to stay when travelling.

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I think many travellers are beginning to consider their ecological footprint when planning and embarking on trips. I have no doubt that a beautifully-designed, ecologically-friendly hotel would be a magnet for travellers of all persuasions.

Look forward to hearing more about it!

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I agree; I think 'luxury' and 'affordability' are more of a contradiction than 'luxury' and 'sustainability'. I also feel that eco-tourism is really beginning to pick up and gain worldwide attention as a lucrative market, so it's much more accessible to all travelers, not just ones with $$$$.

Of course, I'm sure location will have quite a bit to do with the 'luxury' factor and although the initial building might cost more, I would think that the savings in energy costs and from not importing material/food/etc. might offset each other.

At any rate, if I had the choice, I'd certainly rather stay in eco-friendly lodging! It's a very exciting avenue and relates travel to a particular locale in a much more literal way.