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Has anyone done it? How easy is it to get these jobs in Fortaleza? I want to stay and live and work in a city for a while and then travel around afterwards.

Does anyone know if you can get open ended returns to Brazil? I was going to get one way and then get a return ticket later but I have heard that I may have problems on entry if I don't have an onward ticket. Are open ended returns really expensive and can I change dates on a fixed return for less than buying an open one??? It's all a bit confusing.

Lu x

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You will probably have problems with Brazilian immigration laws.
Brazil uses reciprocity for the treatment of foreign citizens. It means that you will receive similar treatment then Brazilians receive in your country.

Can Brazilians enter your country with an open ended ticket? Can Brazilian work in your country? The two answers will be the answers to your questions.

About jobs in Brazil: there are almost none. It´s 3rd world, really bad sometimes, in spite of the beauties and the wish for happinness we Brazilians all have.

"Brazil is not for begginners", was Jobim´s motto. He was right.

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I have been teaching English in Brazil but as a volunteer.
I was originally going to come and work here but gave up due to Visa restrictions. The chances of you getting a Visa to allow you to work are slim to none. It can take a very long time (up to 6 months or even longer) for a non-resident to get this type of Visa and you usually require sponsorship from the company that you will be working for. Also you generally need an onward ticket when you arrive in the country.

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What about work laws in other South American countries? I am spiritual traveller and want to see all the countries South America offers. But I have the sneeking idea that I will not want to leave a land full of great information about our past and come back to this numbed state.

So what about citizanship paperwork for work in other countries?