Karrimor Global 50-70 or 70-90?

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1. Posted by PeteMuzz (Budding Member 51 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Guys

I'm sure no one wants to read yet another backpack question but just before i purchase I wanted to get some final advice. I have been in the shops and tried on all the packs which I have considered and I have decided (based on the back system) to go for the Karrimor Global. I was intending on getting the 50 - 70 litre pack but a few people have suggested getting the 70-90 as you get the extra space and you dont need to fill it.

Which one would everyone suggest? Shall I go for a 70-90 pack for a year away trip (OZ, NZ & SE Asia) or stick to my original plan of 50-70? Will i need the extra space or will i just struggle to carry the thing?

2. Posted by miromar (Respected Member 175 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Petemuzz,

I had exactly the same dilemma over the last week (but in a smaller scale, cause im only little ) i couldnt decide between 55 0r 65. I havent got personal experience, but for what I hear, the less you carry the better, and the chances are that if you have the space you will end up filling it up! So i went for the smaller one!

Who knows? Maybe I can actually survive without all those bottles that live in my bathroom !!

Good Luck

x x Miromar x x

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Hi Pete,

I bought the Karrimor Global 50 - 70 and I'm really pleased with it. I haven't used it for travelling yet, but have tested it out on weekends away, etc. (I know it's not quite the same) Anyway, it holds quite a lot and my theory was that the more space I have in my bag, the more things I'll find to put in it. I'd def recommend going for the smaller bag.

Make sure you shop around too as there seems to be huge difference in prices. I found they range from £115 - £160.


4. Posted by PeteMuzz (Budding Member 51 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys

Thanks for the input. Nice to see someone else bought it and likes it. I figured if i had the extra space either myself or my girlfriend (probably her) will fill the extra space if its there.

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I was really considering going for this bag at the 50 end.

I went for the Berghaus C7 70-10 in the end.

Honestly, its probably too big. But I really couldn't make my mind up, plus I heard a lot of good stuff about this bag.

Have a look and see what you think of it.

One thing to bear in mind is that it may be 70 + 10, but is has no day back, which I'm happy about. I really don't want one of those things that scream, tourist, due to my height I'm gonna pull enough unwanted attention, I don't need that too!

Please let me know what its like and I will keep you informed about mine and we can exchange thoughts. My trip isn't too dissimilar to yours.


6. Posted by PeteMuzz (Budding Member 51 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I have considered getting a pack without a daypack attached but in the end i've decided to just go for one. It may look a tad more touristy but then i figured being white and walking through asia with a backpack on will make anyone stand out and scream backpacker.

I just think the idea or being able to attach your daypack to either the front or back of the pack is a very good idea and if u really dont want it on the back u can empty it and just put it in your main bag.

The beghaus one looks pretty good but I have tried the travel packs on and i don't really like the bioflex system. But thats just me and my fitting, obviously everyone is different.

I think i've decided to go for the 50-70 Karrimor. It will force me to pack light and hey... i still have 70 litres which is loads. I'm testing it out going to the South of France in May so I shall report back then.

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I am travelling OZ, SE Asia and NZ and i have got the Global 50-70. does me fine and still have lots of space left. Very good pack. Definately worth the money. Shop round on the Internet and you can find some really good deals on it.

Hope this helps