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Planning on heading to Oz at the end of the year on a WHV, im going to stay the full year and want to experience the 'real' Australia and not just the touristy stuff, though im sure i'll do those too!! wheres the best place to start out? Ive got family in Perth so thats a stop. do that at the beginning or at the end of my trip? I'm traveling alone so also whats the safest way to go about it?
thanks for the help.
Ineke :)

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Depends how long youve got, also how much cash. Im never really sure what people mean when they say they want to see the 'real' (whatever country), but if you want a real different kinda trip, I reccomend travelling to the remote outback.

Go see your family in Perth and see if you can get your hands on a car. If you can get a 4-wheel drive, then you can travel some really amazing routes (like the old gunbarrel from Wilpena). Bear in mind without proper preparation this trip can be extremley dangerous - the outback is a hostile place!

if you can only get a 2 wheel drive you can still drive the great Central road from Laverton to Docker River. Apart from the odd road train and aboriginal settlement you wont see anybody. From there the road becomes sealed again and you can visit Uluru and make your way to Cairns. I did this trip in 3 weeks, but it could be done faster.

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Okay lets take this a point at a time.
I think perhaps you should look at where you want to go to after Australia because that will determine your point of exit from Australia and what flights there are from that capital city. Perth is the remotest main capital. If you are heading back to the Seychelles then I think you can get there from Perth so that would give you most of the year to travel. I would try and come into Australia via Adelaide (South Australia) is possible and start working around the coastline going next to Victoria then New South Wales, on up to Queensland perhaps about May, June when the weather is better and not so humid and then if you have the money from working across to Alice Springs, up the Centre to Darwin in the Northern Territory then fly down to Perth from there.
If you are travelling alone be careful not to travel on the highways by yourself, particularly in the remote areas. Backpacker hostels are great places for you to meet others who are travelling or have been somewhere you to want to go to. Depending on the sort of work you do and how willing you are to do it then you shouldn't have much trouble. Try and keep your money in a bank account that is readily accessible in Australia and only carry enough on your to get by.
You will find in November, December, January, February it is hot in all places, very hot and in the North very humid and wet. WA, SA, Vic, NSW and Southern Qld go into Autumn in March, April and May then winter for the next three months before Spring in September, October, November.
Tasmania is Australia's island State which you can reach by plane or go over on a ferry. It is the coldest of the States, quite old but very picturesque. Melbourne is perhaps the shopping capital of Australia and Sydney the cosmopolitan highlight which everyone loves.
If you want to meet dinky di Australians go to pubs and clubs (not necessarily nightclubs) and just say you are a visitor. Do not tell them you are travelling alone but staying with people in the area. That way you don't have to worry about the wrong types trying to get onto you.
Australians are very laid back, very straight forward and love a laugh. It is a country of great contrasts with the cities like Melbourne and Sydney very big and pretty and the country which can be quite dry.
There is snow in Australia in winter primarily in Victoria in the alps, our beaches are world famous, particularly those in Sydney. If you want something more specific let me know. Have fun. :)

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thank you so much. thats alot to think about :)