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I am looking at travelling through a section of Laos during the last week of July/first week of August. I'm not too worried about it being rainy season but I dont want to get stuck anywhere as I only have a few weeks. Does anyone know how often the main highway between Laung Prabang and Vang Viang gets blocked due to landslides? I heard that the highway goes through the mountains and has stunning scenery but surely this would make it dangerous to tavel on during rainy season.

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The roads do get pretty slippey - when i did the 10 hour bus jounrey we didnt get stuck, but it was pretty hairy at times.

HOWEVER- My sister travelled back that way when we said good bye in vang vien and her bus slipped off the edge and went down a cliff, thankfully it hit a tree which saved them. A tractor came along and pulled them up - Then off they went again =in the same bus might i add!

There were locals, kids babies and animals in there (oh and corn!) nobody died, but apparantly it was pretty scary. At one point my sisters boyfy climbed out of a smashed window on the side of the bus (it had rolled a few times) and started pulling people out - people were screaming, shoving babies into my sisters arms and moving about, the bus started slipping again, but eventually they all realised that should keep still to remain alive!

Scary story right? Dont be put off though - i think it was a extra wet day! constant rain and all that! I travelled loads of buses in monsoon and didnt get stuck once, or go off a cliff! I think my little sis was just extra unlucky ;-(


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Holy crap!