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Greetings all,

To those who replied to my previous questions, a very big hug and thank you!

I hope all these questions are not stupid............ =)

Now another reason for going to China is in the hope of finding volunteer work or teaching english work.

Since most things online require this fee and that fee and I'm on a budget, has anyone every 'bumped' into an opportunity to volunteer?

And if so, which parts of CHina should I go to in order to find this?? I would assume that going to all the mainstream places may not be ideal for this. I feel that it will either be expensive or I'm getting jipped!

I want something real and something meaningful.....not an organisation that makes us "donate" a lot, only to give a small fraction of my money to their pockets....

Or if anyone has any contacts for organisations that I can help out at for a short time???

Note: My route seems to be Sydney-Beijing-Shandong-Shanghai-Xian-Yichang-Yangtze River Cruise to Chongqing-Chengdu-Lhasa-and then somehow down to HK.

Thank you in advance again!

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Hi ,you wanna be a volunteer english teacher?why not come to Guangxi province? We need excellent english teachers here

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check out

It's like a global advertising site which lists volunteer jobs as well as jobs you can be compensated for. :)

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I'm studying in China right now. It's a big advantage if you are fluent in English, espeically you're an American or English. You can earn lots of money just simply by teaching English in the big cities. However, in order to understand the real Chinese culture, I recommend to go live in small towns, like those in Guangxi Provice or Yunnan province.

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Ive just finished 5 months teaching in China. like you i could only find places that cost loads to organise for you, but i went through one of these, i would advise agasint it.
we found work incredibly easy to find, i have friends who literally just phoned schools and asked for places and they were happy to accomodate with free room and food int he school canteens. the money we gave the companby went entirely to the company as the schools were providing the food to us.
i would advise Hainan as a really nice place to go (big island in the south), it is great weather, the people are really nice, and the teaching is quite easy to find, especially as there are very few westerners there other than teachers.

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Wow, thank you posting this. I feel like I am in the same exact predicament as you. This thread has definitely helped me out a lot.

I am currently a third year student at UCLA and I am going to be in China from July 22nd to September 22nd and would love to find somewhere to volunteer.

Hey woodrow, or anyone else, you said that you could find work easily and basically phone any school to set up an opportunity? What if I am Chinese-American? Do you think it will be harder for me to be able to find an english teaching job?