the state of Georgia, off the beaten path?

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the state of Georgia, off the beaten path?

I'd like to hear from travellers who've done the route from Florida and (up the coast) into Georgia, and eventually the Carolina's (but focusing on Georgia). I'd like to go the route but only if there's enough interesting stops along the way? What would be considered interesting in that part of America?

Well, maybe architecture? Old homes, mansions. Perhaps, nature? National/State Parks that can't be missed? I'd like to avoid commercial areas in lieu of more unique experiences. That includes cuisine (what's soul food)??? Why would travellers (foreigners) find Georgia or the Carolina's interesting (or even parts of North Florida)?

Can you recommend a place along the way? I can look them up, and if they're one of a kind, I will add them as a stopover. So, what places are NOT-TO-MISS in Georgia?

I'd like to hear reports from people who've been to unique places (that aren't so overated like so much else out there but instead are one of a kind and worth the stop) (i.e. cities, towns, neighbourhoods, national/state parks, beaches, lookout points, mountains, photographic scenary, and other natural/historic or architectural highlights) in the state of Georgia.

I'll have all the time in the world in every place I go, so yime is not an issue, but money is.

So what do you recommend that you've ACTUALLY been to and can vouch for?


and p.s.
Can i hitchhike this route? Do Americans pickup backpackers pointing out their thumb on the highway? If so, what time of day is best to get picked up, and in what part of the highway?

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To put it simply, no. The main coastal route between Florida and the Carolinas is the neverending interstate 95. The only place worth checking along the way is Savannah and that's right on the South Carolina border. If you want to do anything in Georgia you'll have to go out of your way to the NW part of the state. The drive on I-95 in Georgia is one of the least scenic in the US possibly the world lol (In my opinion) Savannah is what you can call a typical southern town. However being close to the ocean there are aspects of a seafaring city as well. Lots of historic buildings but kind of commercial. For real southern I'd check the Atlanta/Marietta area, or perhaps just the northern parts in general. Southern GA is barren.

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First, why exactly do you want to visit Georgia? It was renowned for its Southern culture in the 19th century, and it has a rich Civil War history, but I don't think it's particularly known for anything nowadays. Maybe pecan pie, but that's about it. ;)
I recommend Charleston, South Carolina if you want to experience a good combination fo Southern culture, architecture and history.

Also hitchhiking in America is illegal. Most people ignore hitchhikers, but if someone does pick you up there's a good chance we'll never hear from you again.

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Wow, not a lot of Georgia lovers here...

Sadly, I wish I could offer some lmore decent advice, but in the 13 months I spent in Atlanta, I very rarely got outside of the city... I hear Savanah is beautiful, so you should check that out.

However, I can offer some quick advice on Atlanta and surrounds.

In Atlanta, there are three things that I think you should think about:
(1) World of Coke - sure, it's tacky and cheesy, but I once heard that the most commonly recognized word around the world is Coke, and the film of them delivering the Coke to the various places in the world is worth seeing. Plus, free samples. Of course, that probably violates your non-commercial request....

(2) CNN - despite what you might think about their abilities as a news delivery organization, they are very influential, and seeing where it happens is worth something, I think.

(3) Martin Luther King Jr. "King Center" - I never heard Abe Lincoln speak, but of anyone I've ever heard in person or recorded, MLK is the best, and probably one of the most important figures in American history in the 20th century.

For food, I don't know about good soul food places in Atlanta, but I would check out a good BBQ joint. Of the ones listed, I have been to the Swallow in the Hollow (a little too smoky for my tastes) and Dreamland (very nice, but the decor is only so-so).

I would also check out the National Parks in Georgia. The Applician trail is something you will come across time and time again coming up the east coast, and while it can be busy in places, it can be near deserted in others.

For the state parks, I never went, but I heard really nice things about Red Top.

Hope this helps...


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Im gonna be in Atlanta for 5 days in May. Im quite looking foward to it.

Ive been reading up on a place called the five points which is apparently more of a youth friendly area with lots of alternative bars and stuff which is right up my alley.

Any atlanta advice off anyone, places to avoid, places to make sure I see etc??

6. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Little Five Points is a nice area with some cool bars and restaurants. You might also want to check out the Buckhead for more bars and clubs.

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I read about Sapelo Island, which is just off the Georgia coast. It's only reachable by boat, and a large part of the population are Gullah who still speak a dialect of African. It sounded like an interesting, unique place to visit.

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Stone Mountain outside Atlanta. I've never seen it but it's supposed
to have a spectacular laser-light show. When I was in Atlanta for a week
I didn't have time to get around much.