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I'm heading out to Thailand in a month to meet up with my boyfriend hopefully on Koh Tao or Ko Phangnan. I fly into Bangkok and then plan to get an internal flight down to Surat Thani and make my way from there. I was just wondering if any one knew of the ferry times and what's the easiest way to get to Ko Tao. I only have two weeks and also need to travel down to Singapore in this time, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Ta very much, em

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several ferries a day but they make the journey last forever, leaving you (as a group) waiting for ages sometimes for the ferry to arrive or for a change of bus. its a bit of a hassle sometimes but its worth doing.

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Hello Emilybrit

As Rover said, there are several ferries, per day.
But would it not be better to get the bus, rather than fly. If u fly u would have to get from the airport, to the pier, and that would be a pain. If u take the bus, there will be agents, at the bus station in Surat Thani waiting to sell u a ferry ticket, and take u to the pier.


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Hey, Have you no choice in where you fly to? I would've thought flying to Ko Samui would've been better, that's what I did to get to Ko Phangnan. I landed late so had to pay a fair bit of money in a speedboat to get across, but as long as you get there by say 4 p.m, you can get the regular ferry across which I think is called the big buddha ferries or something, and it's cheap...

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P.s Koh Tao is easy to get to from Phangnan, get a minibus to Thong sala(I think, where's lonely planet when you need it!) and get the boat across from there. doesn't take long. Also, I think from Surat Thani, you can only get to Koh Tao...

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hi there, ny advise would be get the train to chumporn then get the ferry over to koh toa, really easy to do you buy your boat ticket at the train station when you arrive and they give you a lift to the peir.

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don't worry about any of it. when you get to surat thani there is a desk at the airport where you arrange your ferry ticket and bus ride to get down to the pier. you'll likely meet plenty of other people heading to ko phangan as well. unless you're getting into surat thani at night, it doesn't really matter what the ferry schedule is. they leave multiple times per day. just go and get on the next one.

it's a pretty short ferry ride from ko phangan to ko tao. they run all the time. just deal with it when you get there. no worries.

probably you'll have to get back to bangkok to fly to singapore. from ko tao i took a ferry to mainland then a bus to bangkok. i dont remember exactly how long the ride was but i think it was like 8 hours or something like that.

2 weeks will give you enough time to spend at least few days in each place. just don't get crazy with planning and timetables. it's impossible to be precise. and real easy to figure out once you're there.

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The easiest way to Koh Tao is to take either air conditioned express bus and ferry via Chumphon or take the Lomprayah service which is air conditioned bus from Bangkok and fast boat connection from Chumphon to Koh Tao, that boat continues to Koh Phangan and also to Koh Samui, cost from Bangkok to Koh Tao is roughly USD 29 one way, it goes twice daily.