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1. Posted by gladiator (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

This week I returned from my holiday with my father.
We flew with Ryanair to Gerona/ Barcelona, with a mind to fish the river Ebro. We took our own tackle, which consisted of reels, treminal tackle, pods and of cause rods. we had to pay £15 each way for an over sized container to hold the rods, which had no weight limit & also no size limit.
Our bags weighed in at 18kg & 15kg's. But this was ok as the weight limit was 26KGS!
On our return we thought we would bring back some alcohol as our baggage was under weight, so stocked up.
When we arrived at Gerona with our luggage, the weight restriction had CHANGED? to 15kgs per bag???
This meant we were something like 16kgs over weight & were charged 6 euros a kilo! So we had to pay 96 euros extra, which was nearly as much as the flights cost!

What really F+%K'S me off is that the over sized container had no size & weight limits & we could have made it bigger to accomodate all our tackle if we were aware that Ryanair were filthy theiving rats.

I would like to know if anyone else has been a victim of this under hand plot to steal from their customers & to warn people to never fly Ryanair & be aware of this dirty trick.

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On that same line be aware that if you call Ryan Air they charge you 0.50 to 1.00 a minute depending on where you are calling from. If they put you on hold at all which I have experienced a lot of when calling bus or train stations that would add up FAST.

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i have used ryanair loads of times from stansted to hamburg.
they have lost my baggage, damaged my baggage.
and charged me 6 euro a kilo for bringing back german bread.. lol.. they are a scank in some ways , how ever if you book well in advance you can save a hell of a lot of money,


i agree tho, i find them cheeky and very very disrespectful