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I'm new here, so hello to everyone, I'd like to ask advice about this idea I have and thought this would be the perfect place to ask.

Basically, I'm about to finish my G.C.S.Es, and then start college.

I don't really want to go onto university although I could do as i'm a bright person, I suppose that would be my backup plan. But my greatest aspiration is to travel and become culturalised. I want to live.

So to do this, I thought, sometime after I left college, probably about a year after I left college i'd head off to Morocco to live for a number of years.

Please be aware that at this point I intend to be fluent in English, French and German and want to study Arabic(which is part of the reason Morocco is perfect)

I'd like to ask, to anyone who knows about what's what and stuff if this is viable.

I'd intend to already have quite a bit of money saved and to sustain myself while there I'd like to teach English or perhaps French to the moroccans.

While there I'd like to study and learn Arabic, and what better way to do it than integrate yourself into the community.

But the main passion of my life has always been history and Morocco has an expansive history which as far as I'm aware, is largely unpublished.

So I would study it, learn about it, speak their history fluently and hopefully write a historical novel about it.

Basically, I'd like to know if this is a viable idea?

Many thanks

and if this helps at all, I'm taking French, German, Modern History, Geology and Travel and Tourism at A level.

I do also intend to take a tour around Morocco at the end of my first year at college to see what it's like.

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Hi there,

I must say your idea sounds very interesting, but also quite ambitious, and if you really want to do this, then make sure you are well prepared. Before sharing my thoughts with you, I have to point out that I'm not an expert either, just some things that came to my mind when I read your post.

First of all, try to get as much travel experience before you actually take off to some far off country to stay there for a longer period of time. Go and travel outside your own country, without your parents, somewhere where the culture is very different from your own. Before I went to Ecuador for seven months, I never took the culture shock argument seriously, but after being there, I know that it really takes time getting used to things, and that you have to be quite a strong person to deal with everything.

Secondly, learning things in school isn't quite the same as living things in reality, as I also found out myself. Try to make friends overthere in the US with people who are native speakers of French, and practice with them, learning French in school is so different than actually applying it in daily life.

Thirdly, you should keep in mind that the Moroccan dialect is quite different from the standard Arabic that you would learn if you take Arabic courses overthere in the US. Some Arab friends of mine told me that Moroccan is the most far off from the Arabic spoken in countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq etc. And besides Arabic, Berber is also an important language in Morocco. So if the purpose of your trip is to learn Arabic, then Morocco wouldn't be the best choice, as people coming from Arab countries in the Middle East don't understand the Moroccan dialect. (If I'm wrong here, please tell me, but this is what I understood from my Egyptian friends).

I'm not saying this isn't feasible, and after all, what do I know. Just think things through properly, and prepare yourself well, because there are a lot of things you can do already before making the actual journey. And of course there are people who think that that is the nice thing about traveling, just going there and then facing whatever crosses your path. But in my experience, you can get a lot more out of it if you are well prepared.

Good luck!

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Hi there! I'm Rcon Franchesca Pascua, 22, writer, who also loves to explore and write about exotic destinations like Morocco. Congratulations! You are one of the few people I know who take quite serious interest and passion with Morocco. In my opinion, your plan is really feasible. So, if you are really serious about learning or studying the history and culture of the country, then do it and do it well.

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hi i am quite shocked to see so much people interested in morocco. i myself am moroccan living in the UK and i have to say that you will not regret one thing about going to morocco you would love it and i am not just saying that because i am moroccan. you want to learn Arabic yah its a good place to start but to be honest their are better countries that would be better to learn the language. Morocco although some people do speak Arabic its more a Moroccan language than arabic they are two different languages but similar. you could perhaps go to university in Morocco if your still confused about wether to go uni or not they have excellent universities especially in Rabat. But i have to tell you you have to travel around the whole country before chosing a city to stay in.Let me know when you intend to go and what places you will be staying at and il tell you about them ok bye for now

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Hi Scottyr,
If you are interested to go to live and to experience Morocco you did the right choice. Actually Morocco is returning back to its topic immigration from everywhere like it was in 70s but in different way. Morocco was and still a wonderful place to experience everything: Languages, the friendly people, the nice food, the hospitality that i am sure you cannot find it somewhere else. Morocco is like other countries but with a strong multiculture background. So you have to read about it before to put your feet on its land because the culture chock. The most amazing thing in Morocco is the people they are very helpful. I have been everywhere. If you are you are nice they like you more and more. Ofcourse you will find some people who are not in the big cities but its normal everywhere.
About your Arabic language: Go for it Morocco is an arabic country and opened to other languages and other cultures...You will find many arabic school in Fes city the capital of Islamic culture...Many english people are buying houses in the old Medina and live there with the community. At school you will learn the modern standard arabic. The moroccan arabic dialect is used in the street and families...like other countries you will find egyptian dielect, syrian, ...If the egyptian said that they dont understand the moroccan dialect that means they do not try to understand...All the Moroccan understand syrian, egyptian, ....I am not saying that because i am in love with Morocco but its true what i am saying. Try to travel there and experience it.
Many young american are living with Moroccan families...to learn about Moroccan culture. I believe that the language and the culture of any country are always together. You cannot learn a language properly if you dont know about its culture. For example the North american French is totally different of the French from France and in Morocco you will find people who speak French fluently more than arabic and you will feel like you are talking to someone from Paris.
Young Moroccan will speak to you also arabic egyptian like you are in Egypt.
I am originally from Egypt, Born in Morocco and has been living everywhere..now i am in UK and my business in cultural tourism


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Hey everyone,

it's me again. I just wanted to make clear that it's not that I don't think Morocco is a great country and that you shouldn't go there. Just make sure you prepare well, because you'll enjoy it so much more when you do.

I was in Morocco in February (Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, unofrtunatley I didn't have time to see more) and I had a great time. I stayed with a Moroccan family with a Moroccan friend of mine, and it was really great, people are so kind and hospitable.

I am thinking of going to Rabat again in May. I'm writing my thesis on migration and my contact at the UNHCR overthere connected me with a lot of people working in the field overthere, which is so interesting. I have a question for you guys who are familiar with Morocco. Could you recommend any hostel (I'm a 23 year old girl) in Rabat?

Furthermore, about the language issue, I totally agree that some people just don't try hard enough. But it is true that the Moroccan dialect is the most different from Standard Arabic from all dialects. And the fact that Moroccans understand Egyptians doesn't mean it is the same the other way around. Some Moroccans told me that that is because there are a lot of series, films, and music in Egyptian in all of the Arabic countries, so they hear it all the time. And isn't Moroccan a mixture of Arabic, Berber and French? I'm reading this book on Morocco now, and it's true, it has such a rich history and culture, it seems like a very interesting country.


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Hi Rozane,
Thank you.
We are only helping the community to know about Morocco. I am a memeber of many travel community and i noticed that many travelers have been 3 days in one city like in Marrakech or in Fez or Rabat ... and he is writing about the Moroccan culture or giving wrong information to travelers looking just for promoting their ideas or something like that. To know about Morocco people needs lot of research everywhere in Morocco because the culture, the history, the languages, the landscape and the people are different from city to an other, for example Rabat is totally different from Fez and the north is totally different from the Atlas mountains or the Sahara. In the Atlas mountains or the Rif mountains you can find Berber people who do not speak any arabic work. They speak only Berber. In the north like Tetouan, Tangier, Chefchaouen, Asilah, Larach, Alhoceima people are more influenced by spanish language and Culture (You will find people supporting Spanish football team and watching the spanish channel TV). In Fez, Casablanca and Rabat people speak more French. English is the third language everywhere in Morocco. You will meet local young people in the top of Toubkal in the Atlas mountains who speak French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch...Its really amazing.
About the Hostel in Rabat: there are many hostels depending of your budget and what you are looking for.
Royal Hotel in Rabat
http://http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293736-i9620-k932356-l5604727-Rabat_Help_Urgent-Rabat.html#5604727Cheap hotels in Rabat forum link

For arabic language

I hope these links are helpful.
Do not hesitate to ask more questions about Morocco. Happy to help.
Good luck and Welcome to Morocco

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