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Quick piece of advice needed please. I am going to get married in LA IN 5 weeks. Have just realised that i have a criminal conviction, nothing major. Non payment of a train fayre, this went through the courts, i did not have to attend and i recieved a fine. Will this cause me any problems, will i need to disclose this. It will be on record somewhere i am sure. Offence was about two years ago.

Thank's for help given...

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Contact the Consular Office at the US Embassy and speak to someone about it. I would recomend declaring the conviction, but I seriously doubt it will cause you any problems. First of all, it is a two year old offense. Secondly, failure to pay a train fare is not the type of criminal activity that Immigration, nor Homeland Security, are going to be concerned about at this time.

So again, speak with someone who will have the correct answers for you. Though this site is chock full of great information, when it comes to criminal records, you're likely to get mixed messages which will be of little help.

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I mentioned the conviction to the US embassy, they wanted me to apply for the criminal check record and then ring them to arrange an interview, for the Visa waiver. A bit excessive i thought. All this could have taken in total anywhere between 6_9 weeks including the interview with them.

Anyway i spoke to a nice lady that assists with people applying for this criminal record check and she mentioned that they recieve normally 300 applications a day. I told her about my plight and the four week's stated to recieve this piece of paper would not help me at all.

She was very kind and asked me to address it to her personally, and she may be able to help with the turnaround, although no promises were made. I recieved the check back within two day's which was amazing. I't turns out that no information is held about me on any police computer whatsoever.

I am free to travel without a guilty conscience.

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Congratualtions on both your up-coming wedding and the good news about the criminal record information. At least you followed through and found you can travel here freely and without worrying that someone would cart you away in the middle of the ceremony!

Cheers and best wishes! ;)