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We are planning a 2-week trip to Italy in the first part of September. We arrive and leave via airline in Rome. My wife and I would like to make the best of our time in Italy. It would definately like to visit Roma (of course), Vatican, Florence, and Venice. Would also like to visit Pompeii (or Herculeum), but if we can't work it out I wouldn't be too, too disappointed.

Does anyone have a great itinerary that may include some areas in Tuscany? Any recommendations on traveling between the cities, and most importantly, any recommendations on affordable (but not deplorable) lodging near to the "sites" of interest.

Your advice is very much appreciated (and THANK YOU in advance)!

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Hi there! I did pretty much the same itinerary last May. We stayed in Italy 15 days and covered the places you mentioned without having to rush. In fact, there was lots of room for R&R. Our itinerary rolled out like this:

  • Rome - 3 nights (including a day in the Vatican Museum)

  • Venice (long drive!) - 2 nights

  • Tuscany - 4 nights (including day-trips to Florence and Sienna)

  • Amalfi (Praiano) - 4 nights (including a day trip to Pompeii)

  • Rome - 1 night (including a visit to St. Peter's - if you go an hour before closing the lines are pretty much non-existent)

Don't miss the Amalfi coast, if you can help it. It's truly breathtaking! Looking back, I'd have stolen frm the Tuscany part and added a night to Venice, only because it's a truly captivating city. Still, at that point it's all a matter of what you want to see more!

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I forgot!

See Cross-Pollinate for affordable accommodation in Rome, Venice and Florence. We stayed at Ca' Maria in Venice which was reasonable and absolutely perfect.

Try staying on a villa in Tuscany. They're homey, reasonably priced, come with huge breakfasts, and give you an idea of everyday life on a vineyard. There are tons of sites that give you lots of choice.

The Amalfi coast is a little more expensive - maybe stay away from Positano and pick a town next to it. We stayed at Margharita in Praiano. A bit Florida-ish, but pretty reasonable, too.

And be sure to see the accommodation section here on Travellerspoint for even more options to browse through!

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Thanks for the resources. So, you stayed 3 days total in Roma with one day being the Vatican City? or 3 days plus 1 for the Vatican (& St. Peter's)?

Would you stay 4 nights on the Amalfi Coast again? What did you do there?

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We stayed in Rome 3 nights at the beginning and 1 at the end. The first part included a trip to the Vatican museums (get there early or the line-up is insane and you may not get in at all). That took up one full morning. We left St. Peter's for the last day before leaving for home as the lineups were too long the first time 'round. We got to St. Peter's an hour before closing and went right in, with plenty of time to climb the dome and see the crypt.

I'd definitely stay 4 days in the Amalfi coast again. It's breathtaking. We mostly beach-bummed for that part of the trip, with a side-trip to Pompeii (bring a hat and sunscreen!), a detour through Napoli, and a drive along the coast. You could also visit Capri from there. Just exploring the towns along the coast is well worth the trip.

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Steve, Why not take a tour !!
We did this in April 2006 and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was 11 days and all inclusive except some excursions. You can stay a few days in Rome before or after the Tour, I suggets after so you can follow up on the things you missed or want to see more of.
If you want to do your own thing, Check out the thread ' Love in Italy' it has a few suggestions.
We went by Cosmos but there are other tour companies.

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I interailed for 2 weeks out of my 4 a few years back around Italy and it is a really excellent place. I was working North-South and back again but if I was starting from Rome, I would go from there to Florence, Florence down to a place called Salerno (near to Sorrento) which is the best place to base yourselves for Pompeii. Pompeii is one of those "must sees" everyone who can should go and see once, Herculeum is more of the same but not quite as interesting. From Salerno/Sorrento you could either head down the rest of the A coast as it is truely stunning. I just continued to base myself in Salerno (although this was only because I got mixed up with the two towns...night trains you see!!) Regardless, try and head back north to places like Genoa and definately Verona. Lake Garda nearby is my favourite place yet you are still only 3 hours from Rome. A perfect place to unwind!

Places to stay? Well I was hostelling it. However, the hostel in Florence is a former villa and is rated as one of the best in Europe. It also has private rooms so I would strongly recommend this. IYH's site will provide you with all the info.
The only real downside is that it's a bit far from town and the staff aren't exactly overthetop friendly! But the views of the city are a sight to behold!