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I am new to this site. It seems like a great resource so I am thankful for finding it. Myself and a few groups of couples are planning on coming to Europe this October. We have been watching flights but nothing is booked yet. My husband for sure wants to check out Salzburg and Vienna and I want to check out Prague. We were thinking to fly into Munich (from Chicago), travel by rail to Salzburg, then Vienna, then Prague and then back to Munich for our return flight. Basically creating a big triangle. I have been to Europe 2x before but never in this area. I also need to mention that budget is a huge issue. I like to stay at hostels but am now married and 32 so not sure if that's an option. I have a few questions.

1. How long is the train ride between the cities I mentioned?
2. Can you recommend any low-budget nice places to stay in those cities?
3. Anywhere else to add to our stops (we are staying only about 7 days)?
4. Anything we shouldn't miss in any of those locations?
5. What is the best way to get around in those cities?

Thanks Much!
Stacey from Wisconsin, USA

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7 days is the whole stay, isn't it?

In Prague I stayed in Beta Pension. It's not walking distance from the old town, but tram number 18th takes you to the charles bridge in about 10 minutes. It's pretty cheap. For getting around the city I suggest you walk. Everything is pretty close, and if you get too tired you can always take a tram. Trams run every 10-15 minutes on daytime and about every 30 minutes at night.

Prague has some "attractions": The Castle, the lesser town, strahov monastery, petrin hill, charle's bridge, kampa island quarter, jewish quarter, the whole old town with its wonderful square, a bunch of little lonely streets...If you want to see it properly, i think you will at least need 3 days. If you are not on a rush. The whole lesser town and the castle would take you up to half a day, but if you only wanna see the main attractions you could make it with 2 days i guess...

I really loved Prague, amazing city, and it wasn't too crowded when I went on january. If you like I got some pictures of it in my photo gallery

About Salzburg and Vienna...Well, I don't think you need more than 2 or 3 hours to travel between these 2 cities by train

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right i have a feeling i can help you with places to stay.
in munich and vienna check out wombat city hostels (google them) its about 30 USD a night. i havent stayed there but from looking at pictures and reviews there the best around and have a couple of awards for clenliness etc.
train timetables check DB and translate it to english.

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Hostels in europe generally dont put age restrictions on their properties, i travelled from prague, down to Munich by train and i think it was about 5-6hrs. check out for info on backbackers. Wombats in Munich is good, but there is one hostel right next door for about10-12dollars cheaper that was also really great... called....jager..something.

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I found they have the most listings of places to stay in the world. Don't be fooled by the site address. If hosteling is not your cup of tea they also have a database with hotels, budget hotels and bed & breakfasts

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I also am going through Muncih, Prague, Berlin, etc. I used in order to find the places to stay (definately from the pictures and ratings, I suggest Wombat's). In terms of travel times, I am using the EuRail system so went to the website and all the departure times, routes, and journey times are listed there.

Best of luck and hope you enjoy your trip.

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You can take a ferry from Vienna down the Danube River to Bratislava, Slovakia...I did that last summer and enjoyed it very much...and the price was fair too!

Maybe that is a good idea for a day trip, or maybe you can go there and save money on traveling to your next destination from there instead of from Vienna?


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Wombats hostel in munich has rooms for 6 people with its own bathroom, i think it has rooms for 4 and 2 as well. its cheap but you must book early, remember in munich its octoberfest from mid sept til mid oct so there is little accomodation.
google wombats hostel