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1. Posted by CarlaP (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,

I'm travelling to Europe over Christmas/New Year. I only have three weeks - all I can get off work - and want to visit at least London, Amsterdam, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

How much spending money do you think I will need (prefferably in Aussie dollars please) and do you think my time frame is a little unrealistic?

I have never travelled to Europe before but I'm going over to meet my sister for Christmas - she leaves in 2 months.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you.

2. Posted by pranavc (Respected Member 318 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Let me give you an idea of how much time you should alot for the places on your list. Here goes:

London - 5 days
Amsterdam - 2 days
France: Paris (3-4 days), French Riviera (3-4 days)
Italy: Florence (2-3 days), Rome(3 days), Venice (2 days), Milan (1-2 days)

I have not been to Spain or Greece so I don't have any input with regard to either of them. Hope this helps.


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You can never say it's unrealistic BUT it's not going to be that in depth of a trip. Also, I'd drop Greece. Unless you only intend on visiting mainland Greece (the islands are the main reasons people go there) 3 weeks is too little to mess around with Greece and all the ferries involved in going to the other islands. I don't care for tours, but you can go to They have all sorts of European itineraries and you can compare them to your own (Perhaps mirror them)

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Man, that sounds like a crazy busy trip. I dont think I would bother attempting to see that much. Better to cut a place or two out (greece would make the most sense) and actually get to enjoy the places you go.
I think checking out Contiki tours is a great idea to get an idea of a realistic itinerary. However, do keep in mind that it generally take a bit longer, maybe even twice as long, to do the same itinerary independently. Tours never have to worry about working around train schedules and whatnot so they can move very fast. And you will probably want to spend more than the one day most tours get in each town.

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Greece in December/January is madness, as it is freaking cold and rainy there at this time of the year. Most people go there for the sun and the beaches, but in summer!

If you want Greek antiques, you are much better off exploring the museums. I can especially recommend the Pergamon musuem in Berlin - it houses one of the greatest treasures of old Greece. (Germany in December is a great destination, the Christmas markets are something you must see! )

Bath in Britain is great for Roman antiques and it is not too far away from London. Cologne has an excellent Roman museum too, and could easily be combined with Amsterdam.

Also check out budget flights: - it will help you cover a lot of distances in very short time.

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With such a short period of time you might want to fly between locations instead of taking trains. Luckily, Europe is awash with low cost airlines so it shouldn't cost you too much. Check out the following website which will tell you about the different airlines and the routes they fly etc..