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1. Posted by fourofus (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I was wondering if you could give us some advice on travelling in Italy for 3 weeks in late December to mid January. There will be 4 of us including 2 teenage children. All of us love art, architecture, music and Italian food. At this stage we know we want to go to Rome, Florence and Venice (? 4 days in each). However, we're interested to hear of other places that may be accessible and enjoyable in winter. We would prefer not to move too many times - maybe day trips from these places.
In anticipation of your help, we thank you.

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I guess 4 days in Venice will be way too much, 2 days is more than enough. It's not so big and apart from the canal parts the rest of the city is nothing special.
Rome deserves more than 4 days though, so you might want to spend 6 days over there.
4 days for Florences is ok, with maybe some daytrips to for example Siena.
It might be wise to rent a car for the Toscane part (florence, siena, pisa), so you can enjoy the nice landscapes as well as great cities, architecture etc. Although public transport is ok as well, but not to smaller towns.
Take a sweater by the way, it can get cold in Italy north of Rome!
Have fun. Michael

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Not sure whether you're interested but there is some excellent skiing and snowboarding in Italy during the winter, very accessible from Florence or Venice, or particularly Verona which is also very much worth a day. The snow-covered dolomites are very attractive. Let me know if you're interested and I'll recommend some spots.

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Hello Fourofus

I dont think Winter will be such a problem, but Christmas will.
Book your accomodation in advance. I think a lot of hotels will close, at Christmas, and booking in advance might save u the stress of searching for an open place, when u get there.

Maybe, it is possible for u, to rent an appartment, on a nightly basis. This is possible, in some cities, in Europe. Maybe somebody here can say, if it is possible to do this in Italy.


5. Posted by fourofus (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thank you to everyone who responded - greatly appreciated. I should also add that I'm an avid photographer so would love to know some good vantage points. We won't be skiing (no gear, not a lot of interest).
All other advice gratefully accepted.
Many thanks

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Ive spent two Christmases in Italy and I found that it was a lovely time of the year to be there. The weather in Rome both times was very pleasant which made it comfortable for sightseeing.
From Rome we did a day trip to Pompeii by tour bus - I highly recommend that. Although, if you only have four days in Rome, you'll probably want to spend all of those there.

Florence is also a city where you can easily spend 4 days. If art and architecture are your thing, you'll love Florence! Make sure not to miss David at the Accademia. :) You can get a bit "churched out" in Florence if you know what I mean, so it's nice to just hit the shops there for a day too and check out some good restaurants. :)

Venice is fabulous and again an easy place to pass four days. I recommend a day trip to the islands of San Michele (which is a beautiful flower-filled cemetery) and Murano (where you can see glassblowers in action - a bit touristy but still worth a look )

If you are travelling by train between these cities you will lose a certain amount of time but not too much. It's 3 hrs approx from Rome to FLorence if I remember correctly, and more or less the same from Florence to Venice.

Hope that helps.

Enjoy your trip! I'm so jealous!