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Well, after 30 years of American soil, I'm finally going out of the country. My business is opening up a branch office in Poland, and I'm the lucky guy who gets to visit for 10 days a month to help set it up. Problem is, I've never been out of the country, and my longest plane trip ever was 5 hours.

So how do I get from Los Angeles to Warsaw? My company will reimburse me for the trip, but we're small, so I have to arrange the flight myself. Not being experienced in such things, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice? Should I use a travel agent? Online service? Directly with the airline?

The amenity I care about the most is having power for my laptop. That is the only thing that will make the trip bearable. Other than that, what do I need? It looks like I'll have to fly from LA to a European city, then hop to Warsaw, so I might have a lot of options in how to get to Europe.

Thanks for any recommendations! The trip is the first week of August. I'll be trying to learn as much about international travel as I can in the meantime.

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I'd recomend searching online via a variety of online sites.

Such as airlines websites..

as well as checking online resellers such as

You will likely find better rates if you fly into London or Paris... or Amsterdam and connect from their on a European carrier such as Ryanair as well... Be sure to check a variety of places first, then see about contacting a travel agent, just to make sure that your agent isn't charging too much.

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Here you have website of polish airlines:
And another, cheap airline:

If you want to work with your laptop in Poland you must remember about that in Europe is different electric voltage. Here it is 230 V, and there are different plugs :)

Wish You a good time in Poland :)

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Well, I have a feeling you are in for a shock. If you have never been outside of the USA, old Great Britain would have been adventure enough (almost the same language, some similar habits, etc.). Poland will be wildly exotic and - if you are not careful - not in the most pleasant way. (Already a taxi from the airport will likely take you for a ride - they are infamous!). May be you should book one of the international hotels like Holiday Inn to soften the adventure a bit.
You don't have to worry about a laptop and the voltage difference. All (? I guess) laptops have a converter, so the only thing you'll need is a plug, which you can buy in the USA.
Poles are usually friendly, though, save for some professional conmen (like some taxi drivers), so if in trouble, ask for help or advice.
Good luck and have fun!:)