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I am due to travel to Cairns mid-june, and have told that it may be rather busy around this time so I was thinking of pre-booking a hostel for at least the first few nights. I have found a good website that lets you do this, but I am unsure of which one I should go for, so I just wondered whether anyone had been and could recommend a good one?? Theres one called Calypso that looks quite good, has anyone stayed there? I will be travelling alone so ideally I would like somewhere were I am likely to meet fellow travellers, and also would like to be not too far from the centre. I would also like one that is reasonably clean.. can anyone help???
Thanks, Katie

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I stayed at Geckos which was clean, friendly enough, and quite close to the centre.

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I asked a very similar question a couple of days ago, regarding booking hostels in Cairns for the end of June. I have since decided and booked all of my stay at Caravella's over Gilligan's primarily because of cost ($20AUD vs $31AUD). Both of these seem to have the best ratings on all of the hostel booking websites, but then again this doesn't always mean much. If you e-mail the hostel directly, you often do not need to put down a deposit (nor even provide a credit card), meaning that it is a non-brainer to reserve. Hope this helps!

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I will be staying at the Calypso from the 15th April... Booked in for a few days so far but from what I have heard its a very nice place to stay.

I will update you after I have been there a day or two.

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I stayed at the cairns beach house in sheridan st for my time there. Bit quieter, clean, close to beach and city, and not as pricey as gilligans. they've got a website i think.

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In Cairns at the moment and we're staying at the YHA. It's clean, quiet, near to pubs, bars etc and takes about 5 mins to walk to the lagoon. There's a pool table, swimming pool and a good socialising area. We're staying in a double for $58. Not sure what the dorms are like but our room and the communal areas are all clean. We've heard Gilligans is the most expensive hostel in Cairns and it's sooo big!

There's a good website www.hostelz.com that we've been using - it's good for finding out other travellers opinions on hostels, it's usually pretty sound advice and you can get information from there that you can't from the hostels like cleanliness, noise etc.