Happy Excursions!!

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I signed up a little while ago, but haven't yelled myself out on this forum yet, so I thought perhaps I should!

I live in Vancouver, BC, and am currently working in the tv industry. I travelled with my family in the past, to Mexico, a tiny bit of the states, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, hungary, Germany (the last five of these were done in one trip, as we drove through them more or less), and throughout BC, a bit of Alberta, and Montreal at one point.

I graduated from BCIT last year (and since I've been - working, of course). I have a financial goal I set for myself, which I should be able to reach within a year or so. As soon as I reach it...my first grand excursion will begin!! I have very hungry eyes (I want to go everywhere at once), but for now, I know for sure about Ireland and India. Excitement goes only so far...but first steps first...and right now I need to reach that goal!!

So in a year, I'll be way more helpful and entertaining than I am now!! Though I'm going with my dad to Serbia for two weeks in about a month (due to some family business), which is (thankfully) just about keeping my drooling to a slight minimum.

So! If you want a chat, or need a travel helper or such, I'm here!! And as lots of you are no doubt on trips already or leaving for some soon, I'll leave you with

Happy Excursions!!

Talk to you later,


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Hi Katarina! Welcome to TP. Sounds like you've got quite the trip lined up. If you have any quesions about anything under the sun (and beyond), ask away! There's always someone with an answer. See you 'round the forums.


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Hi Latrina.

Welcome to TP. And enjoy that trip!

All the best,

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Thanks guys!

It goes likewise! See you around!!